All the Important Things You Need to Know About Cat Water Fountains

In this article, we have outlined all the important things you have to know about cat water fountains and how it could help you take better care of your pet cat.

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All in the Name of Better Cat Care

Cats are extremely independent domesticated animals, which makes them one of the most popular and preferred pets. Their smart antics and detached behavior enable them to take care of themselves, however, as pet owners, we can always do so much more to help them be in tiptop condition. They are among the products which can do exactly that—giving the cats proper hydration that is essential to their health. There are other benefits that can offer, which we would be discussing further into the article, all written down in the attempt to share better cat care tips.

Being a devoted cat owner myself, I have tried several products that could attend to my pet’s everyday needs, and one of these is a cat fountain. In this article, I am sharing my first-hand experience in using this for my pet, and everything you need to know in selecting one for your own. Using this great tool has made me a better cat owner, in that I was able to address my pet’s needs better. And what pet owner wouldn’t want that? Fellow cat owners would likely agree that we are constantly working at better pet care; the kind that’s cheap but effective.

What Can Cat Water Fountains Do for Your Cat?

A cat water fountain is a water dispenser with a free-falling stream system which entices cats to drink. Nature tells us that in general, animals are instinctively drawn towards moving water as they tend to associate it with a clean source. Cats also have difficulty identifying the depth of quiet, still water in a bowl, hence running water in pet fountains might be easier for them to see. Another reason to get this pet product is that it contains a replaceable carbon filter which gets rid of bad odor and foul taste—as the charcoal filter recirculates and inhibit bacteria growth in the fountain, impurities are removed in the water. This filter process keeps the drinking water cool and oxygenated and leaves a fresh taste for your pet, which encourages it to drink more. As we know, increased hydration helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets.

Most of them are multi-level. This can be beneficial for multi-cat households, the cats can choose which area they could drink and position themselves there: top tray, bottom tray or the falling stream. Shape can also be a factor in selecting a drinking fountain; a circular design can give the cat the convenience of drinking water from any angle. You may also want to consider the material of the water fountain: usual finds are ceramic, porcelain, metal, plastic (usually automatic) or stainless steel. Ceramic is known to be more hygienic but not advisable for outdoor use, metal is sturdy, plastic is light and is ideal for outdoor use, and stainless steel has a stylish, elegant appeal. Porcelain design is not exactly cheap but it is easy to clean, hygienic, and looks great in the home. Another thing that you should consider in buying a pet fountain for your cat is adjustability: some fountains have built-in spout rings which can be customized and adjustable water flow streams to suit the cat’s needs. Moreover, the height of the water fountain is also an important design feature—a tall bowl would enable your pet to drink without the need to bend over. A removable stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe and doesn’t leak water, while a plastic bowl is easy to clean and real cheap. Ceramic and metal are ideal bowl material because it does not grow bacteria more readily.

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What Can Cat Water Fountains Do for You as a Pet Owner?

As previously mentioned, pet fountains can do wonders for your pet cat in terms of habits and good health, and we all do know that a happy, healthy cat makes a happy pet owner. But you might wonder, how exactly do the features of a standard pet fountain be advantageous to you as a pet owner? For one, a water fountain is an economical purchase—think of it a good investment which could ultimately save you a chunk off your water and electric bill. How so? Its adjustable running water system saves you from the potential wastefulness of leaving your tap water running continuously, while the low-voltage pumps require only minimal power consumption. Some are also battery-operated and thus requires just a cheap cost to maintain; while some are automatic. Aside from being economical, these products are also quiet water units even when operating. Because the water fountain runs with a submersible pump, it makes a quiet, gentle gurgling sound that is soothing to the ears; you can leave the fountain to sit in your living room without hearing any annoying noise. A sloping ramp also produces a quiet sound and prevents any splash. Truly, these are designed to make petsitting a quiet and hassle-free experience.

You don’t have to worry about getting a cat water fountain in terms of it being an added cleaning job. Most of them actually have a wide opening which is easily cleanable with a brush, and those with premium stainless steel texture also make it easy to tidy up.They should also be cleaned regularly to maintain its good condition, but the cleaning process can be easily done— the parts can also be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes. The parts, except for the pump, can be safely washed in a dishwasher and the filter should just be replaced in time in order to prevent water impurities. Cleaning the bowl and general maintenance could be done as little as once monthly. Replacing the filter is a simple task as you can easily buy a cheap filter conveniently.

Our Verdict

Now that we have learned how a cat water fountain is both pet-friendly and helpful for the cat owners, we hope that you have been enlightened as to how this is such a great product for amazing pet care. It benefits pet cats in that water fountains help promote health among pet cats through proper and frequent hydration, offers them a convenient, comfortable means of drinking water, and the filter process ensures sanitation. Meanwhile, pet owners can enjoy quiet nights free from whirring sounds, benefit from electric savings through the fountain’s minimal power consumption, and from refraining from unnecessary tap water wastage. In addition, the water fountains are cheap and easy to clean and maintain.

That being said about cat water fountains and the reasons why you should get one for both your pet and yourself, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read on this article. We wish you a hassle-free pet care experience, and that this added knowledge can aid you in providing better care for your pet cat. Should you need any other tips and advice on related pet concerns, we encourage you to visit our website more often—we are always eager to impart information which could be of help to you. If yu are also looking for an easy way to feed your pet, make sure to read these automatic cat feeder reviews.