The Best Cat Feeders A Pet Owner Can Buy Today

We present a list of 25 of the best cat feeders for a smart owner available on the market rigt now.

What You Need To Know Up Front

Every now and then, cats are hungry for something to eat. We are worried when our feline friends are often craving for food, but we might not be there all the time for them when that happens. We might be at work, or in school, or on a short trip. There is much we can do to make them full and happy, and one of these is getting them an automatic cat feeder. These cat feeders make feeding cats easy and convenient, once of course you know how to figure out how to program these digitally operated pet food dispensers.

When we were asked to try these cat feeders, we were quite concerned how our finicky cats would react. Would they be repelled by the noise? Would they want to eat out of something that did not have our personal touch involved? Would cats be happy to eat out of something that was not the usual food bowl? As pet owners, we understand your concerns. That is why we want to present this list in the hopes that you will take time to read it and figure out which one of these dispensers suits your needs and those of your cats.

The very popular Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is yet another of the smart cat feeders that one can monitor online. This time, it is through a dedicated website that one can access either through Android, iOS, or Windows devices. The cat feeder is very durable and, like #4 above, operates on a rotary feeding system. This means that the food, whether wet or dry, is put into six separate compartments, and when a pre-programmed feeding time arrives, the compartment opens and the cat feeds on it. The manufacturer recommends not keeping wet food in the compartment for more than 24 hours, which means that this feeder works in situations where the owners may be away for a weekend or so, or are not at home for work, for instance.

We’ve tried using the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, and setup times are actually quite short. It took us a couple of minutes, unlike our tech-savvy colleagues who got it in a minute, and it was easy for us to access the web interface on our notebook computer, which let us see the feeding area and the cat feeding on it. We had to make sure that one of the compartments contained a medicine that the cat needed to take. This was the last of the 25 cat feeders we tested. We hope that you will take the time to consider what your needs are in terms of cat food dispensers and what they can do for you, the owner, and your beloved feline friend.

The GemPet Smart Feeder is very closely related to #3 above in terms of features. Both of them use a pet monitoring camera, which is good for pet owners who are very concerned about their pets’ fates when feeding. This is done, as we mentioned, through an app you can install on both Android or iOS devices. This app is also the easy and convenient way to program the cat food dispenser. If the device goes offline, it will default to the last programmed setting that you requested. Finally, if food needs to be dispensed manually, the device can also do that. There are a few minor differences though that we will note below. We’ve tried both and find that there is no significant difference in their performance.

The WOPets Smart Feeder is one of two very similar smart feeders on the list. The cat feeder serves not only as a feeder but also as a pet monitoring camera, allowing you to monitor your cat or cats through a built-in one megapixel camera. The way you can monitor it is remotely through an app that is available for Android and iOS, and the app is also how you would be able to program the cat food dispenser. You can program the feeder according to your needs, and even if it goes offline, it will continue to dispense food according to the setting you requested. If you are keen on dispensing food manually, for instance if there is a meal you want to specifically feed your pets, the device can also do that.

The WOPets Smart Feeder dispenses dry cat food in increments of 10 mL. The smallest increment is more than enough for some cats with smaller appetites. The largest possible amount, 100 mL, is enough for larger cats or multiple pets. Feeding them a diet of dry cat food inevitably gives them a chance to consume carbohydrates, which they do not need as much as we do but which they can absorb in very limited amounts. (That is why milk, it turns out, is not as good for cats as we thought.) Finally, for as long as there is light, you can use the camera, as it has no night vision function. We recommend installing a light fixture in the area where your cat feeder is located, so as to monitor them more easily in the evening.

Some of the cat feeders we have reviewed in this article are of a particular variety, where these are rotary cat feeders with separate feeding compartments for each type of food. Cats can choose to consume them as needed, depending on their appetites. This is the case with the CatMate Timed Cat Feeder, which unusually for a cat feeder operates on a different kind of timer. The timer is an analog quartz timer that operates on a 90-hour feeding program. A minimum interval between the first and second feeding is four hours, and thereafter it can be programmed according to how often the owner wants the cat to be fed. This allows some degree of flexibility in this regard, which as we said should be something to consider.

The containers within the CatMate Timed Cat Feeder can hold both wet and dry food, and the food is kept fresh with two ice packs that are located beneath the trays. This ensures that wet cat food in particular does not go stale as it stays inside the compartment, ready to be eaten. Another advantage is that the containers, when not in use, can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. This ensures that cats continue to eat from clean containers, something which we understand is of particular concern to them. We tried it last weekend when we went out of town. Once we figured out how to work the timer, it worked like a charm, and as reliably as the best digital timers around.

The SuperFeeder Cat Feeder CSF-3XL is roughly the same as the one we reviewed in #5, except for one key difference. Like its lower-capacity sibling, this cat feeder can feed cats at least a fraction of a cup to several cups of dry cat food. Also, like its relation, it can be programmed to accommodate up to eight feeding times a day. It can also be mounted to a play stand or a wall to protect it from mischievous cats and other pets. Multiple devices can be triggered with one timer using a strip, as with the other device. Best of all, it can be programmed to work with home automation systems such as the Xfinity. These are just some of the cat food dispenser’s basic features.

What sets this apart is the capacity. Apart from its built-in quart hopper, the Super Feeder Cat Feeder CSF-3XL has an attached hopper that holds approximately 28 cups or 5 lbs of dry cat food or kibbles. The way the container is attached to the device keeps it as airtight as possible and keeps things fresh even after three to four weeks, by some users’ estimates. We’ve gotten some feedback, though, that this is a challenge to program, so one trick to follow is to read the instructions carefully and make sure to follow them. Like any other cat feeder, the trick has always been that if you know how it works, you can get it to work the way you want it to work.

The SuperFeeder Cat Feeder CSF-3 is built for cats, with a minimum feeding size of a fraction of a cup or up to several cups of kibbles or other dry cat food. This is good for either a single cat or a number of other cats who opt to feed from the same feeder, though the manufacturer recommends having multiple feeders around plugged to the same strip and timed the same way for cats who are more finicky about sharing bowls. While a mount is supplied, it can be fastened to a wall or cat play-stand in order to avoid pets who are mischievous enough to reach for the bowl. The digital timer can be programmed for up to eight feedings a day, which allows for maximum flexibility.

The importance of having flexibility with feeding times is something we’ve had to consider lately when we were feeding our cats. While some of these feeders do have default feeding times or default intervals, it is important to choose a cat feeder that offers you the flexibility to feed your cats small meals at the times you want. Your cat’s needs will determine, for instance, when they would have dinner at a given amount of time after lunch and breakfast. However you program it, the SuperFeeder Cat Feeder CSF-3 will allow you to dispense the food your cat needs based on either what the vet recommends or from what you observe your cat will eat. Given its built-in quart capacity, this will take quite a while to finish.

You have different feeders for your cats and dogs. You have several cats and dogs whose food is quite different. How do you make sure your dogs don’t turn your cat food into dog food? The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is the solution for you, especially if, as is increasingly the case, pets are being microchipped. If your cat’s microchip is compatible, this cat feeder will exclusively open its doors for your cat. This is especially recommended in two cases: if your cat is on a weight management diet, or has to take prescription cat food. If your cat does not have a microchip embedded or on a collar, the device comes with one RFID collar so that your cat will have exclusive access to this cat food dispenser.

Unlike the other feeders we have reviewed, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is not one of the long-term refillable types. If the food is consumed, say, on a daily basis, the cat food must be refilled. The feeding bowl can accommodate up to 400 mL worth of dry food or the equivalent in wet food. This is especially crucial, as we said, if pet diets are being carefully monitored or managed. When not in use, the bowl is sealed to prevent flies or other insects or, indeed, other pets from interfering with the food. Up to 32 pets can be registered, so if you have two or more cats, you are assured they eat from the same bowl without the dogs trying to get their food!

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is meant to feed cats the healthy way, to prevent them from bloating or becoming obese. How does it do this? The minimum portion, ? cup, is dispensed immediately, but larger portions are slowly dispensed over a 15-minute period. If cats are eager to eat, they do have to eat slowly as the food emerges in the same way. The maximum feeding portion, 4 cups, is good enough for a larger number of cats, though we wonder if this is indeed too much. Unlike other cat feeders, the food is put through a more reliable conveyor belt system which accommodates both dry and semi-dry cat food. The container is translucent enough for owners to see whether food levels are running low.

The maximum food capacity is 24 cups of dry or semi-dry cat food, which is sizeable enough to feed cats over a longer period of time. In fact, one can feed cats numerous small meals in a given day with the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed because one can program this for up to six feeding times. It is possible to pause feeding manually if one sees cats are not eating properly without losing the feeding schedule. In the absence of programming the timer, food is dispensed at the minimum amount at 8 AM and 5 PM, which is still convenient for cats who do not have larger appetites. Finally, the cat feeder’s stainless steel bowl can be detached and put in the dishwasher, keeping it as clean as possible.

Don’t be fooled by the name: this pet feeder is for cats too. The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder holds up to 1.14 gallons of dry cat food, which makes this cat feeder one of the more capacious ones we’ve reviewed. It is sealed tightly to protect it from more aggressive or frisky cats who want to get much more than they’ve been given. The built-in timer can accommodate up to four feedings which allow for smaller meals every so often, something recommended for most cats whenever possible. Such dry food meals should include a fat component. Fats help cats absorb certain nutrients and literally keep their skins together the same way do. Offering such a balanced diet is the goal of this particular cat food dispenser.

What is interesting is that measurements for portions in the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder are given in the metric system. For instance, the smallest portion is given as 24 mL, and the increments that can be programmed are up to 10 times that. The maximum portion is therefore nearly a quarter of a liter, which means that this is ideal if you are allocating portions to one cat or a larger number of cats. Another interesting thing is that this is a dual-power device that runs on electric current or on 3 “D” batteries. You can plug this in and use the batteries as a backup either where there is no electricity or where you have placed the cat food dispenser in a location far from the outlet.

A combination water and food dispenser, the Crown Majestic Diamond Series III is an elegant looking item, what with its two oblong-like shapes comprising the food dispenser. This adds a particular touch to your home and apartment that belies the device’s reliability and good construction. The water dispenser operates on gravity rather than automatically, so it might be a good idea to have it refilled, along with the feeder if needed, by someone reliable visiting your home especially if you are away. We recommend this particular feeder mainly for those who are out for shorter times, for example those who are at work or at school most of the time and do not travel often. The feeder is made of ABS plastic, which is considered safe and environmentally responsible for your peace of mind.

The Crown Majestic Diamond Series III now accommodates different sizes of kibbles or other dry food in its latest version. This allows for a level of flexibility in the kind of food being dispensed, particularly if it is a kind of prescription dry cat food. The capacity of the cat feeder is 4.4 lbs, which is sizeable enough to last quite a while. The feeder can dispense food at a minimum of ¼ cup, which is good enough for cats, but can be increased up to two cups, which is enough for more than one cat or a litter of kittens. For simplicity’s sake, the feeder operates according to equal time increments as programmed by the owner. For instance, a feeding pattern every six or seven hours is possible.

Happiness comes in a package such as this, claims the manufacturer of the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder. We tend to agree. With such colors as hot pink, bright orange, and off-white available, the cat feeder is attractive enough to enliven any space in your home by either blending in with furniture or merely standing out. Not only that, your cat can find where her feeder is without any difficulty! You can program this for three feeding times, including a feeding time where there may be no food dispensed, but as one of our colleagues notes, it is not really certain why such a feature could be included. There is also a manual feeding mode that can be used to feed cats additional small meals when you are there.

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is ideal for cats, whose appetites are small relative to other pet mammals, because of the amount of dry cat food it can dispense. The minimum portion that can be dispensed is 1/16th of a cup, which is reasonable enough for kittens and smaller cats, but it can be upsized in 1/16th cup segments for larger cats or multiple pets. The feeder can accommodate up to 45 cups of food, which can last between 10 to 14 days depending on the type of food that can be dispensed. This is something which should be discussed between you and your vet, as cat diets are a finely balanced thing. As with humans, cats require different nutritional needs depending on age and circumstances.

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Feeder is one of several generic cat feeders that have similar features. Among these is a sizeable 5.5 liter or 7 lbs capacity which gives you a chance to store cat food without worrying about keeping it in its bag. (Without sealing the bag, there is a chance that insects or very active cats can have access to it.) Another feature is the standard 10 second recording of one’s voice that calls the pets to eat. By default, the voice is in another language, which betrays the device’s origins. The device feeds food out through a rotor system which the manufacturer promises will be jam-proof. Its compact design makes it an ideal device to place around any space within your home or flat.

How small can this cat food dispenser put out in terms of portion size? The MOTA Perfect Dinner Feeder can put out at least ? cup, which is good enough for most cats. The most it can put out is 2 cups. This means that you can adjust the portion size according to how many cats you have and how much food they would need. Generally, cat food, whether wet or dry, has several components, but the most important are certain proteins they would need to survive, including taurine. You can feed them these nourishing proteins up to six times a day using this cat feeder, and make them happy and healthy in the process. We recommend this cat feeder because the number of feeding times offered is quite flexible.

The CatMate C3000 cat feeder lets you feed your cat a number of times a day, and considering that your cat does not have as big an appetite as your other pets, portion control is a little easier. In fact, the minimum amount that the dispenser can produce is 2 teaspoons or 10 grams, which is more than enough for some cats. These small meals are helpful for cats alongside other things such as leaving cat treats for them to eat to help stimulate their natural hunting behavior. This can easily be done on a periodic basis by asking a trusted friend or a pet sitter to hide those treats and let cats find them. In fact, that is one way of guaranteeing some variety in cats’ diets.

If you are after portion control, this device can be programmed for up to three feeding times a day. Unlike some other feeders, it does not have a default feeding time mode, which would have been most helpful for those of us who may sometimes forget to set the timers. The device runs exclusively on batteries, which ideally last from 6 to 9 months but can last up to a year with a twice a day feeding schedule. If you are at home and are willing to feed an extra meal to your pets (and if your vet allows it) the device also has a manual feed mode that will allow you to feed them from the machine. We thus recommend it for its flexibility on that score.

The Aspen LeBistro Automatic Cat Feeder has one feature which we and our colleagues found unique: it has a Microban protection system that prevents the growth of bacteria that may cause stains and odors. This may be needed as cats, like other animals of its sort, leave saliva around at times. The cat feeder holds up to 5 lbs of dry cat food, which means long periods between refills. In fact, if you feed your cat the minimum of ¼ cup of cat food per meal, your cat food stock may really last a long time! The maximum amount, incidentally, is 3 cups per meal, which makes this useful if you have several cats at home and wish to feed them the food they will need to get through the day.

The Aspen LeBistro Automatic Cat Feeder is programmable for up to three feeding times a day, with varying portions so that, for example, cats can eat up to ¼ cup at night and somewhat larger portions at other times. However, if you so choose, you can leave the machine to do its work, dispensing food at three specific default times: 6 AM for breakfast, 12 PM for lunch, and 6 PM for dinner. From our experience, these default times work, but the key is adjusting how much food could be dispensed each time. Portion control is crucial because we want to prevent our pets from becoming obese, and that is definitely not a good thing. It can lead to consequences such as fatal illnesses and the like.

The Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to call your cats to each feeding session with a signal. That signal is the most important one you expect your cats to recognize: your own voice. The 10-second recording, played thrice a day, is a signal your cats will connect with the food they will receive. That is one interesting advantage of this particular generic cat feeder, which like most of its kind consists of a food bowl connected to a device, with an LCD screen mounted on the back and a food container stacked above. The maximum number of meals that can be served in a day is three, which is reasonable enough for most cats on a dry food diet who need to eat while you’re away.

One thing which is both a drawback and an advantage is the device’s minimum dispensable capacity, which is 1 cup. This is not good for smaller cats, unless there are more than one of them, but larger cats may find this sufficient. In any case, with three feeding cycles a day, cats can feed a little at a time if they choose to do so and probably save their food for later. In case you are wondering, the maximum capacity the Homdox Automatic Cat Feeder can dispense is 12 cups, which is way too much for cats! Cat feeding can last a while with the device’s 5.5 liter capacity, which is good enough to last a while between refills of the dry cat food your pets may need.

For those who are concerned about cat portion control, the minimum amount that the topPets Automatic Pet Feeder can dispense is ¼ cup of dry cat food, which makes it convenient for most cats to eat. If we go by the cat feeder’s maximum capacity, which is roughly 45 cups, and we feed them around 4 times a day, which is the maximum, we could feed our cats for up to seven weeks or so! But that is not really ideal, of course. We can recommend this for extended trips when cats are used to a dry food diet. Of course, if you prefer, you could feed them a little more, up to 2 ½ cups at a time when you are, for instance, dealing with larger cats or many different ones.

The base of the topPets Automatic Pet Feeder does not topple over that easily, which is a good protection against very frisky cats who see the food and want to get to the machine. The cat feeder has a smart sensor which automatically senses when the food tray is overfilled. This minimizes cat food waste, which in the long run becomes expensive for cat owners. As with some other cat feeders, the feeding tray and the container can be removed for easy cleaning to keep the environment safe and clean for cats. Finally, the automatic timer can be preprogrammed for up to 99 days, but in the case of cats, this is rarely advisable. One drawback we’ve heard about is that this machine can get noisy, which may turn off cats.

One more high-capacity smart feeder we are reviewing is the Abdtech Smart Feeder, which carries about 5 kilos or 11 lbs of dry cat food. The feeder runs on an app which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, which controls the feeding schedule, monitors the feeding through the cat feeder’s camera, and otherwise helps you check how feeding is going along and whether changes need to be made. What we appreciate about it is that portion control can be achieved with this device, with between 10 grams and 100 grams per serving available. This means that cats of any weight can benefit from being fed using this device. The manufacturer recommends that pets over 50 kilos should not use this, which is fine for most felines.

The Abdtech Smart Feeder has a collapsible serving bowl and a food container which is dishwasher-safe, meaning it can be cleaned easily in order to keep your cat’s food safe and clean for them to eat. This is very important as cats are particularly finicky about their food and would like to eat it in a particularly clean dining environment. Cats do enjoy variety, though, and having variations in diet between dry cat food and wet cat food, especially when you are away, might be very important, and this is what this particular cat feeder provides. We can verify the claim that it is easy to clean; in fact, we’ve found this much less challenging than programming the device’s app, a concern that some users have raised.

The Hoison Smart Feeder is one of those smart cat feeders that will appear several times on this list, and we were quite curious about this when our dog testers recommended this to us before. We were curious about how the app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, would let us feed our cats from far away. All we had to do, said the packaging, was to set it all up in 15 minutes and the device would work. We managed to set it up in 20, which was not bad at all. But what we found most intriguing is that we could let multiple app users control the device, which was a good thing when we went on separate weekend holidays.

As with most standard smart cat feeders, the Hoison Smart Feeder has a built-in camera and speaker system to help you call your cats over and see them purr for food, but the good thing was that we could program it and forget it. We could program a number of meals in specific quantities that were suitable to their dietary needs as the vet prescribed. And when we were offline, we did not need to worry about the feeding schedule, as it continued on the same schedule as we had set it previously. Another thing we did not worry about was how much food was left; the device has a built-in weighing sensor so that we could track up to the nearest 2 grams how much food was left over.

If you are looking for a cat food dispenser that can accommodate any size of cat dried food, the Pet Feedster PF-10 is for you. This cat feeder can accommodate up to 10 lbs of food with ease, allowing for the longest possible time between refills. If your cat has a relatively small appetite, you can adjust the portion sizes to as little as a teaspoon. If you are feeding multiple cats in a day, you can put the maximum setting, which is as much as two cups. The device is jam-proof, meaning that food falls down easily through the machine, and the container is safe from ants, always a threat to dry food. This means your cat food stays fresh in the machine longer, and your cats are always assured of something to eat.

One of our colleagues made sure to test the timer before leaving, and we agree that it works well. It was able to feed our cats over a two-week period when we were out of the office, and we found that feeding them five small meals a day, which is the maximum number of meals one can program on the Pet Feedster PF-10 worked for them and for us. We still had cat food left over when we returned, and we found that there was little to no wasted food. Most of all, in an area where ants are frequent, we could see that our cat feeder was not in any threat of an ant invasion any time soon. This is why we can recommend this particular cat feeder to anyone who wants a big capacity one.

The Lemtek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish allows cats to go through their food in up to six days, with feeding compartments built to suit cats’ smaller and more discerning appetites. The six feeding trays can hold around ? cup of dry cat food and up to 5 ½ ounces of wet cat food, thus making it very flexible for cats who are on varying types of diets. In order to encourage cats to eat only what they need, the feeding times are programmed in such a way as to offer them 15 seconds from the time the compartments open to the time the doors close. A related feature is that the lid would not rotate when it meets some resistance from a persistent cat. This allows pet parents to fill up the compartment and not worry about whether cats will force themselves into the feeding tray.

The package includes 2 refreshable inserts to keep food fresh, especially important when having wet food in the compartments. This could, for instance, accommodate ice and other ways of cooling down the food. The Lemtek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish can also accommodate the needs of cats who require less food in a day than others. This is because the feeding times can be programmed every six, twelve, and twenty-four hours, thus allowing for up to four small meals a day for cats. This latter pattern is especially encouraged as it is pretty close to cats’ natural feeding behavior, which relies upon several small meals a day that are sometimes a result of their hunting instincts. Having this cat feeder on board for a week allows you to go on holiday or to work knowing that your pets will be fed.

The PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder is meant for those days when you have to be out of the house for a short time and you need to feed your pets. It consists of five food compartments which can accommodate dry pet food or wet pet food (just be sure not to keep it there too long). This offers pet parents flexibility in what they would offer their cats, especially if their cats are the kind who would not take to kibbles as their natural diet. The maximum capacity of one feeding compartment is one cup, which allows for up to five one-cup meals a day that can be preprogrammed using the device’s minicomputer in one hour increments. You can opt to feed a cat less than that, and we would encourage this especially for cats with smaller appetites.

The best part about the PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder is that it runs on batteries, so you do not need to worry about plugging it into a reliable electrical supply. The battery life, if batteries are chosen properly and depending on how often the device is used, can run up to a year in some cases. However, we do wish it had that option to have the electrical supply so that batteries could serve as a backup power supply in the event the worst happens. The advantage that making it unplugged gives is portability, so that in the event, for instance, that this cat feeder and cat needs to be taken on a trip, it can still be used without any disruption to your cat’s feeding schedule.

The PetSafe Cat Food Station is the only gravity food station we are reviewing in this list, and we’d like to say a word about what we mean by this. Unlike almost all of the cat feeders we are reviewing, this one operates on a simple principle: the food goes into a hopper, and the hopper spills food unto a feeding tray. As the cat feeds from the feeding tray, the food slowly goes down until the food is entirely consumed and the hopper refilled. The device has a built-in hopper that locks in place to prevent accidental spills, or deliberate ones caused by very frisky cats. The hopper can hold up to 4 lbs of food, which makes it sizeable enough for long gaps between refills.

The PetSafe Cat Food Station’s advantage is that there are no moving parts to worry about. You do not have to worry about programming a timer, running an app, or adjusting feeding intervals. You have to worry only about feeding the cat. The disadvantage is that, unless your cat has a good degree of self-control, they may over-consume food that is readily available. Another disadvantage is that the cat food may grow stale, but the capacity of the hopper is small enough to keep food fresh between feedings. In fact, only the food that gets exposed to the air will be exposed once it leaves the hopper, and will be eaten soon enough. PetSafe sells this alongside a gravity cat waterer or water fountain, and getting both may make for an interesting way to feed your cats.

The Pyrus Automatic Cat Feeder is meant to feed cats dry food in particular allocated quantities using its built-in timer and programming system. This allows for easy portion control and screening to see how many meals a cat has eaten. To signal a cat to eat, you can program a ten-second voice message on a built-in recording device, so that a cat can be conditioned to expect food after hearing certain messages from you. Teaching cats new behaviors is important, especially those that are meant to build stronger personal contact with you as an owner. What we appreciate about this basic cat feeder is that it has the features we would need and we are able to feed our cats properly and healthily at appropriate times.

The Pyrus Automatic Cat Feeder’s food hopper holds around 7 lbs. or 5.5 liters worth of dry cat food. It is a good substitute for those occasions when you are away and are unable to feed them wet food that might be their usual fare. Do be careful though; before you leave, make sure to train them to eat dry food because dietary habits are learned early in life. What a kitten learns from her mother about food habits may very well be what they will carry on doing when they grow older. Part of teaching cats to use this automatic cat feeder may very well be to let them learn new feeding habits. It might even help to be there when they use the unit for the first time!

The Petzi Treat Cam is a cat feeder with a difference. Its main purpose is to serve as a camera to keep track of your beloved feline friend, and it is also a way of connecting with your pet. The camera can take both video and still pictures, which you can control and monitor via the Petzi Treat Cam’s complimentary app. The app itself could not be simpler. It has four commands that allow you to see the cat, speak to the cat, take a picture of the cat, and feed the cat through a treat firer. It is not exactly enough to feed a cat a meal, but it is useful enough given cats’ small appetites and their feeding behavior, as we will note shortly.

One other feature of the Petzi Treat Cam we like is that you can upload candid pics of your cat to your preferred social site (#catsofinstagram, anyone?). This allows people to see your pet cat in which you have a lot of professed pride. But what intrigues us more is the treats that emerge from the treat cam. The treats are definitely a way of helping cats maintain their natural feeding habits. Cats love eating small meals rather than big ones, and cats love to hunt as they do in the wild for mice and other small creatures. Wouldn’t you find it a good way of keeping up their behavior that they can hunt for treats? That is why we recommend this alongside your pet’s other cat feeder, if needed.

This Generic Pet Feeder appears in some markets under other brand names, but its features are pretty basic. The feeding area consists of six food trays placed in a rotary arrangement. Each time food needs to be dispensed, the rotary container spins and a door on the device opens, revealing the food. It is a convenient way of portioning out food for your cats, because all you need to worry about is the amount of food you need to allocate. The convenient timer can help you program up to a week’s worth of feeding times, allowing cats to empty their food trays over time. In fact, what is so good about this cat feeder is how easy it is to program, making it possible to enter the needed feeding times and to leave it alone.

If you are concerned about the volume of food you need your cats to consume, there is an optional volume reducer accessory provided with the device. This is especially important when your cat needs to be fed less, not more, as directed by your veterinarian. We understand that sometimes you will be tempted to treat cats more by feeding them more, but caring for them means that you are concerned as much for their health as you definitely do with your own. From experience, we’ve seen that overfeeding or underfeeding a cat is not necessarily a good idea, as it is with ourselves. We’ve seen cats die from our own mistakes in feeding them, so having an automatic cat feeder such as this one definitely helps.


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