Review Of The Best Automatic Deer Feeders Available

This is a list of seven deer feeders which will work for hunters in the field.

Facts You Must Know

We hunt deer for three reasons: first, it is a great sport that bonds those who take part in it. Second, deer meat is good if one knows how to prepare it properly, and is cheaper sometimes than buying meat from the market. Third, especially in areas with dense wildlife populations, the need to cull deer becomes greater than ever. We need a means to attract deer to where we can best hunt for them, and one way of doing that is through automatic deer feeders. Whether these are timed or operate on gravity, they are a way of drawing deer to possible hunting grounds.

Our experience with culling deer requires that we have to check out which deer feeders are the best to use in any given situation. We are in an area with a dense wildlife population and we are concerned that deer overpopulation could bring disease to other animals, especially those in nearby farms. The size of our property and its proximity to deer trails mean that we can install and try out these deer feeders for ourselves. Do check though with your jurisdiction whether such devices will entail permits for deer attraction. We hope the information we provide will give you the information needed to make a decision on what to buy.

This is the largest capacity gravity-driven feeder among those we've reviewed so far. At 225 lbs, the Trophy Quest 225 Deer Feeder can accommodate long-term feeding without the need for batteries, but if needed, it can work with feeders such as the one we reviewed in #3, which are also known as so-called sling feeders. This galvanized steel design can easily be transported as it is collapsible and lightweight. It is also varmint-proof, which means you won't have to feed the same creatures doing harm to the deer you hunt while feeding the deer from which we all benefit. Finally, we love how the instruction manual is full of photos and easy-to-follow instructions which helped us set this deer feeder up in less time than usual. The lack of plastic and breakable parts makes it a most durable device.

The biggest benefit of a deer feeder is that it can attract the kind of deer we would want for meat. We want to nourish them because they can be of maximum nutritive benefit to us. After all, venison contains more protein than beef, it is rich in iron, and is less fatty than beef itself. It contains three kinds of B-vitamins which significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The best part about it is, if prepared well, it can taste very good. Deer feeders ultimately benefit everyone: hunters, deers, and consumers of venison. Choose an automatic deer feeder today that meets your needs and price point. After all, the future of the hunt depends not only on your skill with a gun, but with the accessories you choose.

Gravity deer feeders have one advantage over traditional automatic deer feeders: no batteries are needed. This is the case with the Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder, which as the name says is mounted on a T-post or a tree for a good strong grip. The height of the feeding tube can be adjusted from as low as under 3 feet to as high as 5 feet to allow for different sizes and varieties of deer to be drawn to it. Its feeder tank has an 80 lb corn capacity so it can last for weeks of constant feeding. Installing such a deer feeder allows for deer to be drawn to it easily, as without the noise most mechanical feeders generate, it can repel them at the first sound of the feeder going off.

The Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder weighs under 10 lbs without load, so it can be carried around the hunting grounds pretty easily. We've tried it for a couple of weeks and found it more than a satisfactory way to draw the kind of deer we would be allowed to hunt. Another advantage is that installation comes easy; not only does it contain the bolts and straps we would need to attach it to a fencing post or tree, but it also has the hardware to install the deer feeder where and when needed. This is good for us if we may have left our tools in the shed and we are out in the field. A gravity feeder such as this one is recommended for hunters who are not too keen on programming timers or other such things.

Unlike the other automatic deer feeders we mentioned, the American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit does not have a built-in container attached to it. This allows us to buy any hopper and container that can fit into the deer feeder's aperture. One great thing about this device is that it offers maximum flexibility. It can be programmed up to an almost unlimited number of feeding times. It can dispense smaller or larger amounts of food depending on how the deer feeder is programmed. The best thing about such flexibility is that it can work with heavy capacity or lighter capacity containers to dispense as much or as little food as is needed to make it a very effective device for feeding. This makes the hunting process much easier than before.

One other advantage of the American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit is that it has a shield on the dispenser to protect it from varmint. For those new to hunting, it might be a good question why such creatures are not exactly what we want to draw. These creatures are usually those that are harmful to deer populations, to one's property, or to themselves farm crops. We find this especially a concern in our area, which is near some farms. Such creatures may include raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, prairie dogs, foxes, or crows. Having this deer feeder draw varmint outside deer season makes it easier for us to hunt them, which helps us out when deer season actually happens! Of course, check with your state wildlife office whether you will need permits to hunt certain animals.

The Wildgame Quick-Set 225 Feeder is one of those in the automatic deer feeder category that runs on a timer and uses mechanical parts to dispense food. It holds around 225 pounds worth food (hence its name), which is enough for several weeks or months of feedings. Like most other feeders of its kind, it can be mounted on a frame and disguised so as not to attract unwanted attention. The best thing about this deer feeder is that it can be programmed for four feeding times a day using a built-in timer that drives the feeding mechanism. Another good thing about it is that it holds up well to the weather, which is good in climates where strong rains and scorching heat may be bad for the food one puts into the feeder.

Another thing about the Wildgame Quick-Set 225 Feeder is that this deer feeder has a mount for a scouting camera, which hunters use to detect whether any wildlife is approaching the feeder. This is important for those of us who carry out periodic culls of deer in the area. We usually do culls with older or unhealthy animals whose illnesses may spread throughout the herd, but when the state wildlife bureau requires a wider cull, we may sometimes also kill healthier deer as well. The aim of a cull, as we have said, is to ensure a population that has a healthy mix of older and younger deer so that populations can thrive without having to risk being ill or worse. A thriving deer population means that we can continue to hunt in the future.

We mentioned earlier in this article that there are two kinds of deer feeders: mechanical deer feeders and gravity-driven deer feeders. The former rely upon timers and mechanical devices to dispense the corn. The latter make use of gravity to place a continuous amount of feed on the feeder tray until the supply runs out. The Moultrie Feed Station is one such device. It can be mounted with its straps to a post or tree and left out for the deer to feed. It does not need batteries or mechanical parts to replace or fix when needed. Just load the hopper and go. This deer feeder can accommodate 40 lbs of feed, which is more than enough for several weeks or even several months of feeding.

One advantage of the Moultrie Feed Station is that it can accommodate not just feed corn, but also powders and mixes, which will allow most hunters to find ways of nourishing deer that would eventually become meat for them to eat. We set this up in a clearing near our house and watched as, within a few minutes, we were able to attract some deer who managed to smell the food within minutes. One concern we had, which was quickly overcome, was the lid, which had some trouble fitting into the device's hopper. This was not a challenge for us, but we are aware that some owners may find this a worry given that varmint such as raccoons and squirrels may hunt for the food available from the deer feeder.

The Wildgame Innovations Quick Set 50 only works twice a day: dawn and dusk. It does so using a photocell-powered device that dispenses corn at those times. Those are good times for the kind of quiet hunt that would not draw attention to us when we are out in the field. Built with galvanized steel for durability, the deer feeder can withstand most harsh weather conditions. The only downside of that is that, over time, the steel barrel can rust very easily. It can be a concern if you need to use it for the long haul. It accommodates 50 lbs of food, so that feeding times can last quite a while. Since it works twice a day, the amount it can dispense is sizeable and is scattered over a wide area.

One of the things we noted is that the aluminum feeder plate makes quite a lot of noise when the feed is dispensed. The sound may be enough to repel some creatures, so take some time before deer get used to the noise and come over to feed. Like most animals, deer can be conditioned to connect that sound with the availability of food, so this would not be a problem in the long run. The fact that the device does not come with a built-in timer is also a slight inconvenience, since some hunters may prefer to hunt at times other than near dawn or dusk, but that, for us, would not be a huge problem. We would recommend his deer feeder for users who would like something this basic.

The Moultrie Hanging Feeder is a feeder one can attach to a hanging frame and, if needed, an additional barrel or hopper for extra food. However, this automatic deer feeder already holds a lot of corn, around 40 lbs of it! This allows for long-term feeding of deer in the area. It works with a 6V battery so it would last for quite some time. The timer is programmable up to six feeding times in a day for at least six seconds a feed, so that food would attract deer without attracting unwanted attention from other creatures. What we appreciate about this deer feeder is that amazing flexibility, which would allow us to hunt deer at the times that are most convenient for a good cull.

In order to disguise itself, the feeder is painted in camouflage paint so that it won't be easily detected by creatures in the wild who might be repelled by unusual human activity. We placed this in a nearby trail with the help of a neighbor who was living in the vicinity, and it was easy to carry around and put up. The only challenge we had was that the lid was a little hard to close, but we managed to do it without more effort than what was needed. It was easy to program the timer and set it up for feeding. The device was able to scatter the corn for a few meters and we had to duck to avoid the feeder's 'rapid fire'!


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