The Best Dog Feeders A Pet Owner Can Buy Today

We review 25 of the best dog feeders available for sale online for your pet today.

What You Need To Know Up Front

Dogs, like the rest of us, get hungry, and they get hungry at certain times of day. We may not alway sbe there to feed them. While we may lose the human touch that this brings, we need not worry. That is why pet feeders are a most useful technology. They allow us to feed our dogs in a way that shows we are still there for them, although from far away. The technology varies: most of the feeders we will review are automatic, making use of mechanical parts. Still others are gravity-based feeders which dogs can access through a built-in door.

We have had dogs for years, and we are often away on business. This makes us in a good position to try some of the pet feeders we are featuring here. It took a while, but we managed to go through them all, with different dogs trying them out. We tried 25 dog feeders available on the market now, and here are the fruits of our labor and that of our dogs. We hope that the information we provide will help you choose the right dog feeder and decide which one suits your needs. Do enjoy reading and hope your pets are well!

The final one on our list of really smart automatic dog feeders is the Hoison Smart Care Robot. The device is powered by an app for Android and iOS. The app allows multiple users to control a single device, which has a webcam to view the pet while he or she is feeding. The app also allows users to remotely feed pets or set up a schedule for feeding according to varying portions and sizes, through a plugin to the WeChat app popular in its country of origin. This is one device of which we have very little experience, but so far, from what we have observed, it works and works well. The dog feeder, we must note, has a system that prevents food from clogging up the works and making dog feeding a breeze.

The Hoison Smart Care Robot has a capacious food tank that can last a while between refills. This dog feeder is a device powered by rechargeable batteries. It is made of hard plastic for durability and reliability. Unlike one other feeder we reviewed, the device’s offline mode is essentially based on the last programmed feeding mode entered, which continues the flexible feeding schedules owners are keen on keeping up for their pets. As we wrap up this list, please do consider what kind of dog feeder, automated or gravity-based, your pet may require. After all, nothing less than the nutrition of your pet is at stake in this decision. You can prevent their descent to bad health by promoting good portion control and nourishment today with these 25 feeders.

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is the penultimate one in our list which can be remotely operated through an app or website. The dog feeder itself is quite durable, which means it cannot be easily broken by eager pets. It is the only pet feeder we’ve reviewed that can store both wet and dry food, and even medicines, in its rotary storage system. However, the manufacturer recommends keeping moist and semi-moist food no longer than 24 hours in its compartment. There are six compartments (meaning up to six programmable feeding times) containing no more than 8 oz of food. This is why we’d recommend it when you are not a frequent traveler and need to feed pets during the day. If you are traveling, it helps to ask someone to top up the feeder for you.

You can monitor your pet online through a dedicated web network to which your Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder connects through a wi-fi router. It takes a minute to set up this router connection without any significant problems, though we have heard feedback that it may be occasionally difficult. The only other issue we’ve heard is that the camera’s angle is not wide enough to note the dog’s surroundings and behavior. Unlike other dog feeders of its kind, though, one account can be used to monitor multiple feeders, so it is good for pet owners who have lots of pets around the house and lots of feeders to feed them. The ease of use and convenience this dog feeder offers for online users, in the end, makes this something we would recommend.

The Abdtech Smart Feeder is the third feeder we’ve reviewed on this list that runs from an app. The dog feeder can hold up to 5 kg or around 11 lbs of dog food, and the hopper can be detached from the feeder for easy cleaning and maintenance. The feeding portions are measured out in grams, so if your vet is familiar with the metric system, it would be helpful to check with them if necessary how much food is appropriate. The minimum portion would be 10 grams and the maximum would be 100 grams per serving. The device is operable through an app that works for Android and iOS phones and tablets. The app allows owners to program the device either at home or remotely.

The Abdtech Smart Feeder’s front camera can give pet parents a chance to see their pets while feeding or within range of the feeder. This is done, of course, through the app. Unfortunately, the device does not have night vision, which one other feeder that runs from an app currently has. We’d encourage getting a light source for any area where the feeder will be located in order to get around this problem. If the Smart Feeder is offline, meaning not connected to wi-fi, the device automatically reverts to an offline mode which dispenses the minimum 10 gram amount every four hours. The downside of this is that owners cannot program this offline mode according to their dogs’ feeding and dietary needs. The upside is that this encourages a kind of slow feeding that keeps pets healthy.

The AF-200 Automatic Pet Feeder is very similar to #12, the Qpets Pet Feeder, and is in a particular range of automatic dog feeders that can feed both smaller and larger breed dogs. The device can dispense at least ¼ cup of dog food and at most 5 cups, which feeds dogs with larger appetites or sizes. Its timer can program up to four meals of varying portions over a 24-hour period, which allows owners to determine how much dogs can eat and when. Moreover, like most standard pet feeders these days, the device comes with a microphone and speakers in order for pet owners to record a 10-second voice message to exhort their pets to eat. These features make it a good option for pet owners who want a more basic device to work with.

The AF-200 Automatic Pet Feeder can hold up to 10 lbs of dog food as a way of keeping food dry without worrying about spilled food. The dog feeder is powered by 4 D sized batteries, which can last up to six months, but as a precaution, the seller encourages owners to change batteries in the event of a longer trip. This was something we tried, and it worked, keeping the device in operation over the two weeks we were away. It is not recommended for pets who would be unable to reach the food bowl, including puppies. In general, it works well for owners whose dogs’ staple food is dry dog food, and not moist or semi-moist food, which is likely to clog up the device’s works.

Ever thought about the idea of slow feeding your pet to prevent obesity? The PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is the dog feeder for you. One advantage it has is that it dispenses any dog food portion over an eighth of a cup, its bare minimum, over a 15 minute period, so that dogs have enough time to eat and digest their food properly. It accommodates feeding portions of up to 4 cups, and its patented conveyor system (rather than an auger system used in other devices) allows it to dispense both dry and semi-dry food in most sizes with ease. The dog feeder can store up to 24 cups of dog feed in its translucent container, which offers a clear visual sign when food runs low.

One other big advantage of the PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is the amount of flexibility it offers in programming feeding times. If one wishes, a dog owner can program this dog feeder to dispense food in varying amounts up to 12 times a day. This can mean smaller meals over an extended period of time or larger meals at longer intervals. Should an owner wish not to program the feeder, the device will automatically default to feedings at 8 AM and 5 PM. Moreover, still another advantage of this device is that the bowl is made of stainless steel, which makes it very easy to clean in a dishwasher. All these features make it a most useful device for those who want to feed their pets.

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder is interesting because, unlike other pet feeders with LCD screens, it is backlit so that it would be visible at night. Like other pet feeders, it has some standard features, such as a 10-second pre-recorded message one can leave on the dog feeder’s microphone. Its hopper can fit up to 7 lbs of dog feed, making it large enough for minimal pet food refills. However, if you’re concerned about portion control, the device’s minimum ? cup dispensed amount may be too big for some dogs, so we recommend this mainly for medium sized and larger breeds who may benefit from its 3 cup maximum feeding size.

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder can be programmed for up to six feedings a day, of variable sizes, which makes it one of the most flexible of any of the dog feeders we have reviewed so far. When it comes to powering up the device, the dog feeder can be hooked up to an AC current using a separately sold adaptor or powered by 3 D batteries for up to six months. This ensures flexibility as well in the way one wishes to power the dog feeder. Its compact and elegant design, moreover, makes it a great complement to any space in the house, which is after all what you’d want in a device that unobtrusively and accurately dispenses dog food up to six times a day!

We’ve reviewed two combination water bowl and food dispenser devices in this list. The earlier one, at #17, was one where the water bowl was gravity operated and the food dispenser was automated. The reverse is true of this Pet Water Fountain, which pumps water from a 3L tank to the water bowl, and the pet food bowl has to be manually filled. But we have a hack for that in a bit. For now, we can say that this combination serves an important nutritional need for pets and indeed for us. Hydration helps move essential nutrients throughout the body and makes it possible for dogs to cool down during long periods of heat. Having adequate nutrition is good for dogs because it reduces the risk of diseases that they may otherwise get.

The Pet Water Fountain can gain the advantages of an automated dog feeder if one can find a way to connect one of the basic automated dog feeders to the fountain’s food bowl. This may be done through a raised platform and a base that does not topple easily. Such a setup gives both of the advantages of having automated feeding and watering systems, including portion control and predictable eating times. It can make a good craft project for an enterprising pet owner who wants to make sure their dog eats or drinks properly without any health concerns. We tried this project once for a weekend trip, and we were fortunate that the dog did not, as we worried, topple the setup over and make a mess out of the food we left for her.

The Little Giant Dog Feeder is a gravity dog feeder that operates, like the other large ones we’ve reviewed so far, on letting the dog food go down a chute which dogs can access through a magnetic door. Gravity dog feeders are good for pets with larger appetites and sizes who may not need a significant amount of portion control. You can achieve the latter, though, by being wise with refills. After all, filling up the 25 lb hopper is a temptation for pets to either sneak back to the feeder for an added treat. The magnetized door is designed in such a way as to prevent wild animals from accessing the feeder inadvertently, while letting dogs in with some training to use the door properly.

The galvanized steel container in which this gravity dog feeder is housed protects against weather which may make dry dog food needlessly soggy and thus unfit for canine consumption. It can easily be mounted on a wall or frame for maximum flexibility, and when placed at an appropriate height, can serve as an elevated feeder for certain kinds of medium breed dogs or a regular feeder for large breed dogs. Its biggest advantage, of course, is that there are no moving parts or things to program. All an owner needs to do is to load the hopper and let dogs use it whenever needed. Indeed, its biggest downside is that dogs may choose to eat anytime they wish, and thus this requires some training for them to avoid becoming obese.

The upHere Automatic Pet Feeder is one of four feeders on this list that is part of that interesting phenomenon called the Internet of Things. (The other one is #24, the Petzi Treat Cam). The device operates on the premise that some degree of human-pet contact is possible over long distances even for something as significant as feeding. This dog feeder is run by an app which is available for iOS and Android systems. The app allows users to program the app for specified feeding times at portions ranging from 1/16 of a cup to a cup and a half, with a hopper capacity of between 5 to 7 lbs. In order to set up this app and the dog feeder initially, owners must connect the feeder with a cable to the network.

One good feature of this pet feeder is that live audio and video is available through the app and the dog feeder’s built-in speakers and camera. The dog can bark back into the feeder’s built-in microphone. Up to ten users can connect to the feeder through the app, which allows families and owners the chance to simultaneously get in touch with their pet. Owners can take candid photos and upload them online, and the camera can record video even at night in order to see how a dog is doing in the dark. If owners wish to feed the dog online manually, they can do that as well, especially if they wish to feed their dogs a special treat. All these features make this feeder something we’d recommend for its price.

The CE Compass Pet Feeder is a large, cube-like dog feeder that can hold up to 45 cups of food. This means that at the maximum feeding size of 2.5 cups and four servings per day, it can go up to four and a half days without a refill at the very least. This is good for us who have very hungry large breed dogs when we went on a four day trip pretty recently. There is a definite degree of flexibility built into this device of course. If you’re the kind who have dogs that don’t have huge appetites, one feeding at a minimum of a ¼ cup portion means that this particular feeder will last you a long time between pet food refills.

The CE Compass Pet Feeder is definitely ideal for pets who need some weight management. If you’ve been reading thus far, you might be wondering why our pets need it. Pets, like us, can get obese, and some of the negative effects of pet obesity include shorter pet life, the risk of osteoarthritis, possible heart and kidney disease, and the high probability of other illnesses. With careful portion control as prescribed by a veterinary professional, you can assure yourself that your pet is fed at consistent times and will come to expect a particular portion of food at a given time as well. This is probably also one way of keeping your own eating habits consistent. After all, what’s good for the pet may sometimes be good for parents.

The Aspen Le Bistro Pet Feeder is a dog feeder that promises a degree of cleanliness that other feeders may not have. Its feed tank has a unique Microban protection system that prevents the growth of bacteria that may cause stains and odors. Its LCD screen and user interface is pretty simple: three buttons and a low battery power indicator that signals when it is time to change the batteries. Its 10 lb capacity gives owners a chance to keep their pet food supply stable while minimizing refills; the clear plastic container gives an indication of how much food would be left before getting more. While users can program up to three meal times, the device helpfully provides three default mealtimes for dogs to eat: 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM.

The minimum feeding portion is ¼ cup, which can be increased in ¼ cup increments to 3 cups, and each meal can be allocated in different proportions, so you can make sure to observe stricter veterinary recommendations on portion control. And for those who are interested about that sort of thing, the Aspen Le Bistro Pet Feeder can set feeding times down to the minute as well. Programming can be a challenge, though, but if you read the instructions carefully, you would be fine. The dog feeder requires a minimal bit of maintenance, as the manufacturer recommends that you clean the bowl and device periodically with a hand cloth. We recommend this dog feeder if you are particularly concerned about cleanliness and adequate portion control for your pet.

The Qpets Advanced Programmable Pet Feeder claims to be the most advanced in the market. It is definitely within the mid-priced range of the models we’ve reviewed so far, and it does have some features which make it worth considering. Its flexibility in terms of feeding sizes make it good for large or small dog breeds. The minimum dispensing capacity is a fourth of a cup, and the maximum is 5 cups, which is good for large breed dogs. The number of feeding times is up to you, but the maximum number is four. The LCD monitor shows the time pretty clearly, so you can easily program the dog feeder to meet your needs.

The dog feeder runs on batteries and promises a long battery life of up to six months, but it can also be plugged in with a 5V adaptor with a minimum of 1 amp current. This allows you to place the Qpets Advanced Programmable Pet Feeder in any location near an electric outlet with a possible battery backup in the event that the worst happens. We’re pleased to recommend it if only because of the benefits automatic feeding provides, including a significant reduction in pet obesity. This is because owners will be restrained from providing that “little extra” treat that will cost their pets in the long run. We also recommend it for pet owners whose dogs are less prone to chewing their food bowls, because the plastic material may easily lead to that.

The PYRUS Automatic Feeder is another of those in the list that we can describe as basic. It comes in black and is priced a little higher than the others (though the cost covers shipping and handling). It is made from durable ABS plastic, which is safe and relatively less toxic. Its tank holds up to around 5.5 liters worth of dog food, which allows for about a week’s worth of feedings at its maximum feeding portion, a cup and a half. The smallest feeding portion, incidentally, is a sixteenth of a cup, which is for small breed or toy dogs that may not need as much food as the others. The food container is made of clear plastic, which allows pet parents to see for themselves how much food is left.

One recent change to the PYRUS Automatic Feeder is its voice message announcement system, which is new to its 2017 models. You can record a voice message for about 10 seconds, which is longer than other basic models, and it will replay it so that your dogs will recognize your voice and know that you are, at least virtually, going to feed them. It doesn’t take much time getting to train them to associate certain audio cues from you with their lunch or dinner. The device allows for three feeding times, which is not as much as other devices, but would do if you are after a minimal level of portion-controlled feeding. We recommend this for those who are not too keen on fancier dog feeder models because in general it is reliable.

This Automatic Pet Feeder (Generic) is one of several in the market, and on this list, that share features with some other feeders. The feeder holds up to 7 liters of food in its tank, which allows for the most amount of time between refills. The built-in timer allows for three feedings a day, which gives some degree of flexibility as to when dogs can eat. The dog feeder also has a special voice recording mechanism which allows owners to record up to 8 seconds of speech, which is then replayed three times in order to call dogs. By default, however, and this is a sign of its origins, it calls for your dogs in another language. That it is your basic dog feeder means that it is not all that bad, if you know how to program it.

We’ve spent a bit of time testing this automatic dog feeder, and one of the features we found interesting was its LED screen, which showed how many meals the dog had eaten, and how often it ate. We had initial trouble programming the clock, which reset itself for some reason twice in a week, but it ended up working without any problems on a short business trip. The best thing about it is that it was pet-proof. Our small dog tried reaching up the chute but could not undo the mechanism that locked the food container. However, she managed to catch a few bits of food that were stuck in the chute. We can say that, for a basic dog feeder, this device will work, but only if you are careful in programming it.

This gravity Galvanized Metal Pet Feeder is made in the US from, obviously, galvanized metal, and is mostly rust and weatherproof. Like all gravity feeders, it works by letting food slowly slip down a chute. As dogs consume the food at the bottom of the chute, the contents of the container slowly empty. This is true whether the feeder is a small 5 pound home device or a heavy-duty one such as one. It can hold up to 25 lbs of dry food, which is highly recommended for such feeders, as semi-dry dog food may find it hard to slip naturally down a chute. The key feature is that it can be used indoors or out, which is good for dog owners who own kennels with multiple dogs around.

The Galvanized Metal Pet Feeder has no moving parts save for the hinges on the dog feeder’s magnetized pest-proof door. Pests such as squirrels or raccoons may try sneaking into the feeder to empty out the food, but the design makes sure that only dogs can enter. As we mentioned earlier, this means that dogs have to be trained to use this feeder properly. Moreover, for those who are familiar with elevated feeders, this is the ideal gravity feeder to install on walls or frames which are high enough for dogs with certain needs or illnesses to reach without any significant problems. Its size and relative light weight makes it a gravity dog feeder we would recommend for pet owners who may need a heavy duty pet feeder without the bulk.

The FastEngle Automatic Food Dispenser is one of those automatic dog feeders on a pretty generic range of these things, with standard features such as pre-programmed feeding times and voice recordings. What is interesting is how long the voice recordings last. These recordings last up to 8 seconds, and is repeated thrice by the device’s speakers. This may be the shortest among the devices we’ve tested, but it would be fun to consider what we’re actually saying through the speakers. There are so many ways to say “eating time” or some such phrase to our dogs! The base is a heavy solid one to prevent it from being tipped over, and the hopper lid and dispenser lock is pet-proof to protect both against aggressive dogs.

The transparent food container holds up to 5.5 liters of dry food, which makes refills infrequent, and can be programmed for up to three feeding times. You can maintain adequate portion control for your pets either upon vet’s recommendations or based on your dog breed’s needs and diet with this dog feeder. This is because the device can allocate food in portions from ¼ cup to a cup and a half. However, the device can dispense two portions of a cup and a half as a maximum, which is good for feeding multiple pets or for slightly larger dogs. The dog feeder’s LCD system allows you to monitor these activities and record them so that you can check with your vet whether your pets’ feeding activities need some tinkering with.

The Crown Majestic Diamond Series III is a combination food and water dispenser. The design itself is elegant enough, a plain black device with two dishes and the food container and dispenser both shaped like oblong spheres, which makes a good decorative touch for your home or apartment. The water dispenser, unlike the food dispenser, operates as a gravity water dispenser, and can easily be detached for easy cleaning and maintenance. The dog feeder can stay stable even when its water dispenser is detached, preventing pets from tipping it over and trying to get more food. Moreover, the device is built from ABS material that is solid while being socially and environmentally responsible. Such features alone make this a device to consider investing for the long haul.

But there’s more to consider. The Crown Majestic Diamond Series III now dispenses prescription, or disc-type kibble from its earlier versions, which allows for some more flexibility in the size of food being dispensed. It can accommodate up to 4.4 lbs of dry food, which allows for long gaps between refill times. More importantly, its feeding sizes fall into a somewhat simplified pattern, which is good for owners who are not too concerned about precision of serving sizes. The smallest portion is ¼ cup and the largest portion is 2 cups. This simplified pattern also applies to the timing, which operates on equal hour intervals. For example, three feedings every eight hours would be fine, but feedings at 5:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 7:30 PM are not.

What we found most unique about the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is how it allocates food. It allocates food in 24 mL portions, and each feeding is programmed to be between one to ten portions, which means that the maximum portion size is nearly a liter. Some vets may be eager to give their measurements in the metric system, so this might be a boon for some pet owners. Another thing is that unlike some other feeders we’ve reviewed so far, this has the flexibility to be either plugged in or powered by batteries. 3 “D” batteries are used for the latter function. The device is meant to dispense only dry food, such as kibbles or other such items, which is good for pets who are on that diet.

The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder has a tank that holds up to 1.14 gallons of pet food, which is sealed tightly in order not only to keep food fresh but to protect it from aggressive pets. The built-in timer can be set for up to four feedings which allows owners, say, to set one feeding in the morning, one at lunch, one in the early evening, and one later in the evening. However, four may be too much for some dogs unless their diet demands it. These feedings are backed up by a motor that is built to last. The flexibility this dog feeder stops, however, with its use. The manufacturer makes it clear that the device cannot be used at all outdoors, which is understandable.

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is colored in such a way so as to make you happy, says the manufacturer, along with its unique design, which is shaped like an oatmeal container slightly bent over. It comes in three colors, including orange, off-white, and hot pink, for your choice of happy, soothing colors to boost your mood. Of course, this may make this one of those dog feeders that can complement or match furniture or fixtures in most living spaces, or even make it stand out! It can dispense at least a sixteenth cup of food and up to a cup at any given time, and the feeder can be programmed to dispense food at 1/16th cup intervals.

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder can store up to a little over 11 cups of food in its food container, which is enough for around 10 to 14 days, depending on the amount and type of food dispensed. This avoids worrying about sell-by dates for dog food purchased in relatively smaller quantities. You can set the timer for three separate feedings, for your convenience, but also in order to maintain a high degree of portion control which a vet may recommend for your pet. In fact, there is a setting for a feeding that does not dispense any food at all, but we wonder whether there is a use for such a thing. Of course, if you want to feed pets outside of mealtimes, especially as a reward, there is a manual override function.

This multi-purpose Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder is meant for use not only to feed cats and dogs but to maintain such things as outdoor ponds and pools. If you are a pet owner who happens to have things like fishponds apart from dogs, this is a useful device, as it can help you with both! Like most feeders, it comes with an airtight transparent container, visible from all four sides, in order to see how much food is left. The container has a seal to keep food fresh. It dispenses food over a horizontal auger, which the manufacturer says makes dispensing food more efficient. It can be built on a solid base so that it would not be easily toppled over by pets or wild animals that may visit one’s property.

Unlike some of the feeders we’ve reviewed, this has a relatively small capacity, at 5 lbs, but it is small and convenient enough to be carried around for indoor or outdoor use. What we also appreciate about it is that this has a manual override switch to prevent possible overfeeding, and a safety lock to deactivate the mechanism if the container is removed. Most of all, what we appreciate is its timer. Given its use not just for dogs but also for birds, cats, ferrets, pond fish or other outdoor creatures, having up to eight feedings a day offers the kind of needed flexibility in nourishing them. It also adjusts for daylight savings time when needed too, meaning you don’t have to reprogram the feeder twice a year (unless you are into that sort of thing).

Gravity dog feeders work on the principle of gravity, obviously, and in order to feed from it, dogs must access a door that leads to the chute where the food is located. This feature keeps food protected from the elements while giving dogs easy access--if they are trained how to use it! In the case of the Miller Ch50 Chow Hound Dog Feeder, the chute is through a magnetized door that dogs open from the outside in. The feeder contains up to 50 lbs of food, which allows pet owners to feed their dogs over a longer period of time without any food wastage. It all depends on the dogs’ appetites as to how long the food will last, but in any case, dogs are intelligent enough to know when they’re full.

The Miller Ch50 Chow Hound Dog Feeder is made of galvanized steel for durability and for withstanding the elements, and unlike many of the other dog feeders we’ve reviewed, this has little to no moving parts except for the door’s hinges! The trick, though, as we’ve mentioned, is to train dogs to use the doors, get enough food so they could eat, and keep them away from the feeder at inappropriate times. Teaching your pets proper eating habits may save you money incurred due to wasted food, and might even be good for their health because they won’t have to be obese or worse. We would recommend it to those whose dogs are of a certain size or breed and would want a gravity feeder that is heavy-duty and can withstand the elements.

The ANMER A-25 Automatic Pet Feeder is a good automatic dog feeder for those wanting to start out with one. Like most dog feeders, such a device has most of the standard features, including a timer that allows for up to 6 feeding times a day. This is good for those who are into feeding their dogs slowly over a day rather than dumping all of the food into two big meal periods. The feeder can accommodate both dry kibble and semi-moist pet foods, but only up to a 1 cm x 1 cm size limit so as not to clog its dispenser. The smallest portion is ? of a cup, and the largest is around 4 cups, which is good for dogs who are either large breeds or tend to have large appetites.

The ANMER A-25 device promises to schedule feedings up to a minute and portions up to 2-3 grams, which helps those owners (you know who you are) who are concerned with such details. The device is powered by batteries, which gives owners the flexibility of placing the dog feeder anywhere in the house or flat where they and their pets live. Of course, yet another feature which is standard among pet feeders these days is a voice recording system. There is a default message which acts as an alarm, but owners can choose to customize it by recording a message that runs up to 12 seconds. Having this nice personal touch helps dogs retain the association between feeding times and their owners’ voices, and thus gives this pet feeder our seal of approval.

The topPets Automatic Pet Feeder can fit up to 45 cups of dog food, which is enough for a good-sized amount of dog food to prevent frequent refills. You can see how much food there is left by staring through the translucent food container, and the container itself has a top that is hard for pets to pry open, thus giving you the assurance that they won’t get more food than they need to. A further assurance on that front is the base of this dog feeder, which is heavy enough that it will not tip over that easily. To give your dogs some assurance that it is you feeding them (though not directly), the device has a microphone and speakers to allow you to send short audio messages calling them to eat.

We’ve tried the device for another weekend, and we found that the dog feeder generally works well. We were able to dispense the bare minimum per portion, around a fourth of a cup, but the dispenser can give up to two and a half cups per serving. While we only had three feedings a day, we were aware that the device can handle up to four feedings per day on its programmable timer. It is battery-operated, meaning that one does not need to place it near an electrical outlet to operate. We know that there are concerns about how much noise the machine makes, but the convenience that the topPets Automatic Pet Feeder provides is something we found very valuable. We are ready to recommend it along with the other devices reviewed here.

This is for pet owners who believe in the value of rewarding dogs for learning behaviors. Simply put, the Petzi Treat Cam helps you reward them for being there when you call them. When you want to feed your dog a treat from far away, you can get on the Petzi app, which has only four options and the video feed from your camera. Click on the “call” button and call your dog. You can alert the dog to your presence by using your phone’s mic to send live audio to your dog’s place. Once they’re there, get ready to dispense them a treat from this dog feeder while they see you through the camera! It is that simple, and rewarding. The app is easy to use and set up, and that is another key advantage of this device.

The Petzi Treat Cam is not quite a dog feeder like the others--it dispenses only one or two treats and is meant in part as a training tool. We’ve used that on the occasions when we wanted to train our pets to recognize our voices, but we also use them when we miss seeing our dogs. Unfortunately, at the moment communication is only one-way, meaning that you cannot hear the dog when it barks back at you. That is a feature we hope to see in future models. However, for the moment, this is a fine device to have. Hopefully, when you are there, they know that the sound of your voice from some distance away makes them run to where you are, treat or not.

The Pet Feedster PF-10 makes an interesting promise. Unlike other dog feeders in the market, it claims to fit any treat into its dispenser, which gives maximum flexibility to pet owners. It takes only five minutes to assemble and set up, though we know some owners may take more or less time to fix it. Another feature is that it can deliver at least one teaspoon or six cups per feeding, which allows pet owners to implement different portion control measures to prevent dog obesity or bloating. Still another good feature is that it is jam-proof and it seals well against ants. Dogs would find that their meals are delivered smoothly and without any insects crawling about them. The tight fit ensures the freshness of the dog food being dispensed.

You have maximum flexibility in feeding your dog, which is what having up to five feeding times programmed will help you achieve. You do not need to worry about refilling the dog food container often, as the Pet Feedster PF-10 can fit up to 10 lbs of food with ease. Having this feeder is also convenient for those who, for some reason, would not be able to feed pets the usual way, especially those who are traveling. This is why we tried it out during a long weekend away and our dogs were fed pretty well over three feedings under restricted diets prescribed by our vet. The timer worked properly, but we had to verify it when we were back home to see whether it indeed works out, as some dog feeders are prone to do.


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