A Review of the Best Automatic Horse Waterers

Given the number of automatic horse waterers available on the market today, you might find yourself wondering which ones would be the best for your equine needs. We give you a roundup of the best horse water fountain products out there!

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Whether you are a new or seasoned horse enthusiast, you surely understand that horse care is a major responsibility. The many aspects of horse keeping can go just beyond making arrangements for boarding, feeding, or grooming. One of the most important tasks in keeping your equine friend in optimal health and condition is to ensure that it gets a steady source of safe, clean water all year round. This concern can be resolved with the help of products such as automatic horse waterers.Further into the article we are going to tackle some brands which you might consider purchasing.

If you are looking to buy a horse drinking water fountain, take the time to read the list we have assembled of some of the best brands in the market today. As an equine enthusiast, I have written this article as a guide to fellow horse lovers who are in need of guidance when it comes to selecting the right kind of waterer for their horses. You will find in this product review list an overview of each brand of horse waterer, and the main features and benefits that you can get out of each model. Read along and get answers!

Topping off the list of the best automatic horse waterers is yet another unit from Brower—the all-famous and versatile model MK32E. It can hold up a water level of up to 18 inches high, which is sufficient to provide water supply to about 25 horses, 40 ponies, 100 calves, 40 head of cattle, or other small groups of wildlife…you get the picture! This unit is widely popular for its superior quality and durability; its galvanized steel composition and heavy gauge sidewalls are guaranteed to withstand the horses’ kicking antics. The Brower MK32E unit is also a top choice for many horse caretakers as its superior quality, drawn galvanized steel troughs and galvanized steel jackets make it sturdy enough for the unit to last up to two decades of usage!

This model also has a rounded edge design which prevents injuries and safety issues for the horses. Just like its counterpart unit, (the MC32HE which we have discussed earlier in this list), the MK32E model is super insulated is thus water resistant and unattractive to rodents. It also has an extra thick foam insulation which ensures that it can hold optimal levels of heat, ultimately leading to a reduction in heating costs. This waterer also has large clean out plugs which can be easily popped loose, making water drainage and replacement a whole lot easier. This saves you precious time in cleaning and maintaining your horse’s waterer; all the accumulated waste and murky water would be taken care off in just a snap. Truly, the Brower MK32E is a gift to any equine enthusiast and a must-have for any paddock!

The “Tough Guy” is a brand name that speaks volumes for the kind of automatic waterer this unit is. It is a versatile piece of float waterer that is tough and durable enough to cater to the needs of different types of animals, ranging from cattle to horses to domesticated pets. It is constructed from a high-grade, high-density polypropylene material that prevents rust and can withstand the glare of the sun, amongst other weather elements. This sturdy waterer also happens to feature a float valve that provides a steady source of fresh water for your horse that can be installed easily by attaching to any hose or pipe. It also has a large drain plug which enables a much faster discharge of dirty, old water.

The Tough Guy can easily be mounted on any wall, making it easier for the horse to drink from. It is incredibly easy to install, and all you would have to need is a simple garden hose to connect it to, and voila, you’re all set! To add, the Tough Guy, unlike other brands, does not overflow constantly even with the faucet turned down to a dribble. Unlike the normal water bowl, the Tough Guy can be filled with water and shut off perfectly without any leaks or overflows, even without a conscious effort to adjust the water level. Unlike other waterer brands too, the Tough Guy features very simple connections which make any leak resolvable. You just have to tighten the connections or put on some Teflon tape or silicone caulk and you’re good to go!

This multi-functional insulated horse waterer from Behlen Country tucks several features under its belt that any horse caretaker would surely appreciate and love. For one, its urethane walls can provide up to over four times the insulation that rival models can; which guarantees that it can hold in higher levels of heat. This in turn gives the waterer the added advantage of reducing heating costs in the long run. Aside from this, the Behlen Country AHW80 unit also features a thick Styrofoam floor which keeps the frost line below the waterer, and a double-insulated design which eliminates the possibility of stray voltage. Such is important in ensuring that the horses would have a safe and comfortable drinking experience. But hold on, these are just a few of the benefits offered by this great waterer!

The Behlen Country AHW80 model also features built-in hold downs and removable brain plugs which make water drainage easy and maintenance, well, a breezy walk in the park. This one-piece unit is also easy to install and assemble, and has easy access doors. If you are looking for a waterer that can properly function as a water resource to several corrals, this unit is an ideal option. It can even accommodate up to four horses at a time! Its poly design also prevents rust and corrosion, and features an infrared heat pad which is located right under the water trough. This keeps the horse’s drinking water well-heated and well-regulated for a variety of purposes. All in all, the AHW80 model from Behlen Country is a versatile waterer that you should get for your paddock now!

This super insulated, galvanized steel beauty is probably one of the most aesthetic horse waterers units in the market today. It's straightforward yet sleek design offers superior quality with is drawn galvanized steel troughs and steel jackets. These same steel troughs and jackets are super insulated with polyurethane foam which clings so tightly around it, making the waterer capable of conserving heat loss. This super insulation is what makes the Brower MC32HE model a very reliable waterer unit during extreme cold and wind chills, especially during winter. The super insulation feature also enables this unit to be water resistant and makes it unappealing to rodents. Every horse caretaker understands just how important it is to keep waterers safe from these agents! Super insulation efficiently addresses these concerns.

Not only would you be able to reduce your heating costs with the MC32HE’s super insulation feature—it also contains an extra thick foam insulation which has an R-value of 7.14 per inch; and that is notably higher than the R-values of other rival brands in the market today. An R-value is the measure of thermal resistance and is used to determine the amount of heat level that the waterer can hold in. This is useful in cutting down unnecessary costs. Moreover, the Brower MC32HE model has handy plugs which drain the water in seconds, making maintenance an easy task. Combining form and functionality is what the MC32HE unit is all about, and if you value these, you are surely in for a good buy!

This functional blue waterer from LilSpring truly lives up to its name as a multi-purpose waterer wonder. It can contain up to 6 gallons of water, which is beneficial for horse caterers as they would not have to go fill in the container every so often. Moreover, this unit comes with a heater that could provide the horses thermostatically-controlled heated water during the winter, which is also ideal to prevent your waterer from being frozen all over due to the chilly weather. Keeping the water at the appropriate temperatures is highly important in keeping the horse at optimal health conditions, and this waterer from LilSpring does exactly just that. It is worthy to note that not too many waterer units in the market come with a built-in heater.

This horse waterer is also constructed from high-impact Rockite material, which makes it durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Even if it becomes exposed to changing weather elements, this waterer unit would not easily rust nor crumble, and has the durability to stand up to livestock abuse. As such, you would not have to worry about your horse tipping it over or damaging it just so easily. The LilSpring model also has a functional design that features no sharp edges; making your horse’s drink in safe, comfortable manner. Yet another good thing about this unit’s design is its sloped bottom, a convenient feature which makes it very to clean, as such, you wouldn’t have to reach as far into the corners to get everything cleaned up.

If what you’re primarily looking for in an automatic horse waterer is guaranteed durability, then this model from Flagline is the best option. Being made out of heavy gauge prime draw quality steel, this stock waterer does not contain any plastic part that could rot in the sun or melt in heat—it’s a very durable model that will withstand the harshest of nature’s elements. This horse waterer can be a highly reliable feeding companion that can last you about five to eight years with the simplest maintenance. This rust-free, stainless steel bowl can be easily removed and cleaned entirely by hand; the cleaning process can be done in less than 30 seconds! Its smooth and rounded design is also horse-friendly, and enables the horse to drink freely and with ease.

This is a nice product of durable quality. You can consider it an investment when it comes to horse maintenance, as with this product from Flagline, you can be assured that you get your money’s worth. However, if in the future you’d find the waterer to prone to leakings, fret not. Taking care of them would not become a problem; as this steel waterer would only require a couple of Teflon tapes as a foolproof way to prevent leaks. Just apply some Teflon tape on the threads and the leaking on the hose screws would be remedied. Overall, this automatic stock waterer from Flagline is one of the greatest auto waterers in the market today, as it is durable, easy to install and works reliably.

This all-purpose automatic stock waterer from Rabbit Nipples is best suited for horses, and even for cattle and other outdoor animals. It has a drain plug for easy cleaning, which is a very convenient feature. Coupled with an o-ring, this automatic waterer enables you to get it hand tight without getting a leak. Installing this green beast of a waterer is an easy task too. The easy-screw drain can be screwed in and out from the outside, without even the need to put your hands in the water! On the plus side, the drain hole is large enough to drain the water much quickly, and the float can be easily adjusted as needed. This faster, more efficient drainage system is highly important for horse feeding as dirt and other elements tend to get into the water as horses get fed.

Horse keeping will surely be a breeze with this easy-to-clean automatic waterer. Spend less time cleaning and say goodbye to scrubbing out the water trough. With this unit from Rabbit Nipples, all you need is two seconds to swish the mess with a brush, and voila, it’s all sparkling clean! Although it isn’t made out of galvanized steel like its counterparts, this automatic horse waterer is just as promising when it comes to durability. Made out of heavy duty nylon with UV protection, this unit boasts of sturdy construction that can weather the harshest of nature elements. If you are looking for a waterer that can hold up a large volume of water for varying animal needs, this brand is definitely the way to go.


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