What A Cat Feeder Can Do For You and Your Pet

Thinking of getting an electronic cat feeder for your feline friend? This article sums up the reasons why you definitely should!

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The Purr-fect Feeding Companion

If there’s one part of cat care that owners need to concentrate on, it’s definitely got to be feeding time! Proper nourishment through a balanced, timely diet is key. While it can be an absolute joy feeding them and giving extra munch treats, it is important to remember that our cats need to be in tip-top shape and not over weight. There are some devices available in the market today that can help you feeding your pet, and amongst these are electronic cat feeders. Getting a cat feeder with timer allows you to feed your pet in a controlled, scheduled manner.

I have encountered similar challenges in feeding my feline pets, until I have discovered a great product which enabled me to go through cat feeding with ease. As a fellow cat owner, I know how excruciating it is to be waken up in the wee hours of the morning with loud, hungry meows, realizing that you have forgotten to prepare the cat food! I also understand the agony of having to go on a vacation and worrying about how the cats would be fed on time. Fret not, because our article below will discuss how an automatic cat food dispensers with a timer and portion control can make the perfect feeding companion for your animal.

What Can a Cat Feeder Do for Your Pet?

Proper nourishment and a healthy diet both play a crucial role in keeping your cat’s weight within the normal range. Pet obesity is on the rise, and one of the most effective ways to go against it is through purchasing an automatic cat feeder with a timed dispenser and programmable portion control. A cat feeder will regulate the intakes and portions of food being given to your animal, thus preventing the problem of having your cat finish the meal in just one sitting. A programmable cat feeder would also allow you to customize a feeding schedule for your cat, so that you see to it that it gets to eat at the right intervals at your preferred preset hours. Getting an electronic cat feeder with a timer not only lessens the risk of your cat having health complications due to obesity; it also improves the feline’s general behavior. A cat feeder allows the pet to be in sync with its biological clock and hence help it eat in a more natural and regulated manner.

Normally, when the owner would put out a regular feeding bowl and prepare the food, the cat would stress out over the quantity of food being poured; or interpret that the presence of a bowl means it’s already feeding time where maybe the owner is just putting it out to clean it. However with an automatic feeder, the cat no longer has to predict at which times it would be fed, resulting to a reduced stress level. With an electronic pet feeder, the cat would disassociate its owner from food, so your pet would no longer go to your room at ungodly hours begging for a meal. As your feline develops the discipline of eating at the right intervals, it would not demand for food any time it wants to, even if it’s not hungry. You can rely on the feeder with timer to dispense dry/wet food for your cat around the clock!

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Some Things to Consider in Buying a Cat Feeder

There is a wide range of cat feeder brands out in the market today, and they vary when it comes to style and features. In purchasing a cat feeder, you must take into consideration the following factors: the number of cats which would use the feeder, and the strength and size of the feline. Some electronic pet feeders are multicat and can accommodate not just two cats, but are programmable to feed up to eight (8) pets. Good news for multicat households: some feeders have intelligent access controls which can designate and divide the meals accordingly! Now you wouldn’t have to worry about one cat being rounded on the edges and another being fed with just crumbs; feeders are now programmable to keep cats from out of each other’s’ food! Some pet feeder models even have a dog proof feature, enabling the cats to be fed without being disturbed. Such empowers the owner to allocate meals to the pets effectively and appropriately.

Another point to consider when it comes to selecting a cat feeder is your pet’s size and height. Depending on the cat’s height, a feeder should be elevated enough in such a way that the bowl’s rim is about the same height than the cat’s front legs in a normal stand up position. Given this, it is advised that you get an elevated feeder, as it brings many benefits for the cat’s health. An elevated feeder can aid in better digestion, and helps the cat to relax its body when eating. Elevating the food is highly important especially for geriatric cats; as elevation reduces unnecessary strain in their spine, hips and joints. An elevated cat feeder can also help prevent dirt or insects to go through the food, thus keeping each meal fresh and clean. Moreover, a raised pet feeder could be advantageous for owners when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Our Verdict

Now that we have learned how feeders could be an indispensable feeding device for cats, we have just been enlightened as to how we can make feeding time an awesome experience for both our feline friends and ourselves as cat owners. A cat feeder lightens the load; as it punctually schedules the meals based on preset intervals, and ensures that the pet gets just the right amount of food. This can aid in securing the cat’s overall health and keep it from the risk of obesity. The cat feeder also gives the owner a better sense of time, freedom and convenience.

We are glad to have been able to share this article with you, dear reader. We implore you to visit our website for more tips on better cat care and for any concern you might have when it comes to catsitting. Our main goal is to share vital information that could make pet care an even more rewarding experience for every cat lover out there, and to ensure that each cat is well taken care of! Thank you for taking the time to read our article, and please do share this to anyone who might be in need of cat feeding advice.