Review Of The 15 Best Automatic Cat Water Fountains For Your Feline Companions

We review 15 cat water fountains for your feline friend's health.

Most Notable Things To Know

Every day, cats across the world take time to eat and drink water. Plenty of it. They need water for their health, so a filled up water bowl is always a good idea. But what if you aren't around to fill up their water bowl? What if you are away at work, or asleep, or on a short weekend trip? The answer is simple: get yourself a cat water fountain. Whether it operates on gravity (which is what one of our choices does) or through a pumping system, these cat waterers promise convenience and ease for harried pet parents who are truly worried about their feline's health.

As cat owners, we understand your concern about how much water cats should drink. We are aware of the benefits of having enough water in a cat's system in order to survive, and the disadvantages of having too little. We often travel, so we have been fortunate to try these cat water fountains at home and test their merits. What we hope to share are what we think are the 15 best available in the market, and we hope that you have enough information to make a choice from what we've picked. We believe your cat's health, and ours, deserves no less attention.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain is the last one we are reviewing from this line and for the list. Two tall tower-like tanks are mounted on a water bowl that holds plenty of water. In fact, the capacity of this cat water fountain is the biggest in its line: 3.5 gallons. The drinking bowl is tall enough to prevent splashes and spills, but its downside is that it may be too tall for certain cats, unless they are persistent enough. We would recommend this for owners of larger cats, whose bodies can stretch out enough for a drink. Like all of the cat waterers in its line, the system features constantly circulating and flowing water to encourage pets to drink, and drink enough.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain contains a dual filtration system to remove bad odors and contaminants and to remove hair and other debris. This helps keep the water clean for your cat. After all, we have been recommending cat water fountains that would help your cat stave off dehydration. The consequences include visible physical signs such as sunken eyes and loss of appetite, and things not so visible like an elevated heart rate. You may wish to check with your vet how much water your cat needs, and choose a cat waterer based on our recommendations and information that suits their capacity to drink. We hope your cats will have a good drink today, and we trust that you will choose wisely, because their health depends on it.

It is a bit of a stretch to compare the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain to a juice maker as one of our colleagues did, but we could not help but see the resemblance. It is a round, tall tower that holds up to 168 fl. oz. of water, enough to feed the thirstiest cats from the spout that extends from the top. Like the original Drinkwell cat water fountain, its flow can be adjusted so that finicky cats can drink from it as they prefer, and the flowing water is meant to entice them to drink in any case. As with all models in its line, it comes with a patented dual filtration system, which not only removes harmful contaminants, but also debris and cat hair.

You can get extra filters for the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain online, but what comes with this is even more helpful. It is a three-brush cleaning kit. Remember when we said that cleaning your cat water fountain fountain prevents the formation of potentially harmful slime? This kit has three brushes to help you out. One cleans the pump, which you can do at least once a month. One cleans the tube leading from the pump to the spout, and another is that all-purpose cleaning brush that would clean out the water bowl and everything else. As for the hard plastic case, it does not contain BPA, which is a guarantee of safety for you and your pet. We recommend this cat waterer for medium to large cats or for multiple cats.

The Sunbeam Pets Purifying Fountain is the only other one in this list that we can describe as "basic" apart from the Drinkwell original fountain, even if it has a bigger capacity than the other fountain. It definitely offers all you would need for a decent pet drink: a dual filtration system that includes activated charcoal to remove chemicals, a constantly recirculating supply of water, and a capacious water bowl to feed cats of any size or multiple cats. The best thing about it is the bowl's water container design, which resembles a water bottle one can get in certain Asian food stores. It can hold up to 1.3 gallons, which means it is suitable for keeping thirsty cats satisfied and their bodies hydrated.

Having constantly circulating water in the Sunbeam Pets Purifying Fountain has the benefit of removing some of the elements that would lead to the production of pet fountain slime, but the plastic material of this bowl requires that you clean this out often. Yes, we know that it is an utter inconvenience, but think about it. The slime helps some harmful bacteria thrive, and the result, if not checked, would be worse than if you clean your bowl at least once a week and check on your pump every so often so that it would run consistently and smoothly. Since this cat waterer is dishwasher-safe, it is easier to have it cleaned there. Such measures will help you keep your cat water fountain clean and your cats healthy and happy.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain, like the one we just reviewed, has four drinking areas, one on top, two on the sides, and one at the bottom. It is, however, entirely square-ish, with a tall rectangular tower evoking the shape of its namesake. Right on top of the tower are two spouts from which the water flows. The bowl itself matches the shape of the tower, a tall rectangular bowl with curved sides so that pets can reach in more easily. Its 70 fl. oz. capacity is enough for cats, who don't drink as much water as dogs do but still need to drink nevertheless. We recommend this for smaller cats who need to take a drink, and would not mind drinking out of a bowl that does remind them a bit of a sink or a tub.

Of course, the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain comes with the brand's notable dual filtration system, which consists of a foam and charcoal filter to remove impurities as the water circulates, keeping all of it fresh and clean. This is crucial in the hot summer months, where cats can lose a lot of water. Apart from hydration, it is recommended that they go into the shade, get cooled down by fans or air conditioning, and minimize their activity lest they lose some more water in the process. With a cat water fountain like this though, they can both take a good drink and probably get their paws in for a bit of a game, especially if they are that sort of frisky cat who would otherwise play a lot in cooler weather.

The cat water fountain known as the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain has a very unique shape. It is shaped like a tall, slightly curved wide tube with two small outlets for the water to flow out into the bowl. There are four drinking areas for the bowl, which are the top bowl, the two sides of the bowl from which the cat can drink, and the bottom bowl, which is the widest. Cats who are notoriously finicky about from where they should drink will find this a most beneficial cat waterer from which to drink. The water is oxygenated and recirculated to keep it fresh and clean, so that their insides would feel much better and stronger, because drinking water is the best way to keep their bodies in good shape.

The 7 fl. oz. capacity of the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain means that this is not exactly one we would recommend for larger cats, though smaller cats would find quite a lot of water to enjoy with this one. If they choose to play with the water and then drink it later, the risk of ingesting hair is far lower with the cat water fountain's filtration system, whose foam filter is one we've spoken of as being able to remove cat hair and other debris. Cats lose water through their waste products, and are unable to sweat except through their paws. That is why hydration is still important to keep them cool. We'd recommend this fountain if you'd like this hint of elegance in your space while still keeping your cats in good health.

The wide bowl of the Pioneer Stainless Steel Big Max Fountain, the metal counterpart of the one we reviewed above, is one thing that commends it to owners with multiple cats or larger ones. Its pump and filter mechanism is located at one end, where the cat water fountain produces a constant and consistent circulation of water so that the water would remain fresh and clean. This also has a benefit for your cat waterer's bowl: the stainless steel construction makes it easier for the bowl to be cleaned with the flowing water, drawing impurities into the filter system. One other benefit is that it is dishwasher-safe. Remove the pump and filter it will be easy to place it inside the dishwasher so that it would be cleaned up along with your pots and pans.

The filtration system consists of a charcoal filter that removes impurities, but filters do wear out sooner or later. Any good manufacturer, including the ones responsible for the Pioneer Stainless Steel Big Max Fountain, will be happy to sell replacement filters to you so you can keep a stock and replace them when needed. The other thing which we will note is that the cat water fountain needs to be cleaned once a week and the pump has to be disassembled and cleaned once a month. After all, it is important that your cats have a cat waterer that remains reliable for some time to come. It is worth noting too that, from experience, we've found that complaining about how a device is sometimes the result of failing to maintain it.

The Pioneer Ceramic Big Max Fountain comes in two shades: black and white. These basic colors help us understand that this is a cat water fountain that is built for elegance and sleekness. It can fit in with most furniture in your home or apartment. The circulating water system ensures that the water your cats will drink will remain fresh and clean. The filter system, which relies upon activated charcoal, keeps the water free from impurities so that your cat would not get sick in the process of getting a drink. The ceramic design is more durable than plastic but is a little more fragile, so handling it properly is very crucial. It is however the one thing we'd say makes it a good complement to your space's design.

We appreciate how the Pioneer Ceramic Big Max Fountain has a large capacity to hydrate either a cat of medium to large size or multiple cats, with its 128 fl. oz. container stored within. Hydration is important especially in the summer, where their fur can keep them hot rather than cool them down. Like dogs, they do not sweat, so having a source of water on hand is very important. If at all possible, make sure that when the summer months happen, the water in this water fountain and other water fountains are kept cool so that you don't have to worry about them not drinking because they find the water too warm. That is why we recommend this waterer too because we wouldn't have to worry too much about topping up their water bowl.

The Catit Flower Fountain is a cat water fountain that is one of the most interesting we've ever seen. Its most prominent feature is a flower accessory mounted on the top of this cat waterer, which resembles a tall flower container. The filter and pump system and water reservoir is located underneath. The purpose of this flower accessory is to control the water flow to encourage a finicky cat to drink rather than to play with the water. In fact, this is one of the three flow settings this cat waterer has, and it is meant to deal with cats who are overly picky about where they should drink from and how. It is one of those features that make this cat fountain an irresistible buy.

To help owners avoid long periods between refills, and to accommodate different cat water needs, the Catit Flower Fountain can fit around 100 fl. oz. of water in its container. Its filtration system not only filters out impurities but also softens water. Why is this good, you ask? Water softening gets rid of unnecessary minerals in water that might have detrimental long-term effects on the device's pumping and internal plumbing, thus making it last longer. This is a boon for cat water fountain owners who complain that sometimes pumps fail them. This unique feature is why we would recommend it for owners who want large capacity cat waterers and who want them to last as long as they need to so that their cats will be happy.

There is nothing better than the original! The PetSafe Drinkwell Original Fountain is a cat water fountain for smaller cats. Its 50 oz. capacity enables them to drink as much water as they can without you worrying too much about how soon you could refill it. The system could not be simpler enough: a wide plastic water bowl sits at the bottom of a wall-like structure that lets the water out through a single orifice. The amount of water flowing out of the pump and filter system can be adjusted according to you and your pet's needs through a knob built into the cat waterer. This allows you, especially when your cat is not particularly thirsty, to adjust the water flow so that the amount of water flowing through the system is more controlled.

We'd like to say a word here about the PetSafe Drinkwell Original Fountain's filtration system, which is similar to all the Drinkwell cat water fountains we are reviewing. It consists of two components. An activated charcoal filter, made from burnt coconut husks, removes chemical impurities and other like contaminants from the water. The second filter, made of foam, takes care of the cat hairs and other debris that may fall into the water. Since the water in this cat waterer circulates, it is important to keep it fresh and clean so that your cats would not choke up something unusual in the process of taking a drink. That would not be a good thing for you or your cat, would it not? That's why this is a good fountain to try.

Minimalism is at the core of the PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Water Fountain, which is what we would imagine a pump-operated stainless steel cat water fountain would resemble if it were discreetly placed in a Japanese Zen garden. The pump and filter mechanism is housed in a solid black box at one end and the water flows out of a metal ramp extending from it. A receiving ramp at the bottom reduces the sound of splashing water, which may be too noisy for some owners, but still keeps it loud enough to feed your thirsty pets. The bowl is wide enough to feed more than one cat, or cats of different sizes, so that you would not have to worry about cats fighting for space around the drinking bowl.

The pump and filter mechanism housing in the PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Water Fountain is made of BPA-free plastic for safety, and the pump is a submersible one that promises to deliver noise-free operation whenever possible. Like all PetSafe Drinkwell fountains, this cat waterer contains a dual filtration system that frees water from harmful elements that might pollute it. This is a boon for pet owners who are concerned about their cats who take their water from more harmful sources. The capacity of the cat water fountain is 128 fl. oz. which allows a long while between refills. However, if you are going off for a long while, it's best to get a trustworthy neighbor to refill the water bowl so that your system will keep on working smoothly.

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is a cat water fountain that lets your cats drink from all angles. The stainless steel dog waterer features a sleek steel tower that, on top, has an outlet that can potentially dispense water over a 360 degree area around the bowl. Moreover, this can be adjusted through a series of five rings that can easily be replaced to allow for more control over how the water would flow. This gives multiple cat owners an edge because they can let more cats drink and keep them happy. The container's capacity of 128 fl. oz. is enough to satisfy the thirstiest cats and give them a chance to refresh themselves. And the power cord is held in place with clips to prevent cats from gnawing at it.

The dual filtration system of the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain, as we mentioned, is one advantage of this device, with charcoal and foam filters to protect against impurities and debris from gathering inside the filter. Keeping water fresh and clean for your pet cats using this cat waterer is necessary because, especially if your cat relies a lot on a diet of dry or semi-moist food, they may need a lot more water than what their food offers. We've had the chance to try this with both cats and dogs, and keeping the pump submerged, we found, helps it keep its life longer and prevent premature burnout. At the same time, we found that this device works with small to medium-sized felines because of its size and the ease with which they could reach the drinking bowl.

Never mind that it is a fountain designed for dogs; cats can use it too! The Hagen Dogit Al Fresco Fountain is an elevated water bowl that is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, if you are the type who has planters out of doors, the cat water fountain's design is for you. Its black and white design adds a minimalist touch to any garden. The device features a recirculating pump system to keep water fresh and clean for your pets. It also has a filtration system that protects your cat waterer's contents from dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants. The best thing about it is that, as we said, it is meant for both indoor and outdoor use, so in summer it serves as a refuge for thirsty pets and in winter it is meant to keep them refreshed indoors.

We tried the Hagen Dogit Al Fresco Fountain over the summer and in fact it served its purpose, letting our cats drink fresh water from it. It has a capacity of 338 fluid ounces, so in fact it does a world of good for very thirsty pets. Let's just hope your pets aren't as picky as ours were until we got them used to this source of water. Getting them used to drinking from a fountain rather than, say, a tap or even the bottom of the bath is something valuable because it will definitely be good for them. We also note that the elevated drinking position makes it harder for smaller cats to reach, so we will recommend it for medium or larger-sized cats who would not mind making the effort to reach for liquid refreshment.

The generic name for a shape that occurs in life as a doughnut or a tire is a torus, and hence we have the name for the Heyrex Torus Ultimate Water Bowl. It is a cat water fountain in name only, and more properly a cat waterer, because it makes use of gravity to feed the device's inner water bowl. The water is stored inside the torus itself, which accommodates half a gallon's worth of water, and as the bowl empties, water slowly seeps out through a filter into the inner bowl. The Torus keeps the water safe from contaminants inside the tank through that filter, which is a charcoal one that is easy to replace. Simply unscrew it, replace it with a new one, and voila!

One advantage of the Heyrex Torus Ultimate Water Bowl is that this cat water fountain has almost no moving parts, so that maintenance is quite simple to do (including replacing the filter). Another advantage is that the Torus lies stable on the floor, so it won't get knocked over by over-excited pets or passers by, which is an inconvenience with other traditional water bowls or cat waterers. Still another advantage, which we tapped when we took our cat with us on a day trip, was that the Torus was easily transportable. Its plastic construction made it relatively lightweight, and filled with water, we were able to travel to where we intended to go while our cat was nourished with water, preventing her from getting dehydrated.

PetSafe is well represented in this lineup by several cat water fountain models, and this PetSafe Drinkwell Sedona Fountain is the first we will review. This glass and ceramic combination is aesthetically pleasing and will fit any space in your home. The bottom drinking bowl is made of clear glass so you can track water levels more easily. The pump and filter mechanism is in the squarish tower that is stacked unto it. The pump promises silent operation so it would not be as bothersome as other models. In fact, some users claim that it is too quiet for them! We indeed tested that claim and found it one of the most unobtrusive models we've reviewed, other than #13, the Heyrex Torus, which is not a mechanized cat waterer.

Large cats and others will benefit from the device's 100 oz. capacity and the three drinking surfaces it provides, namely the tower's drinking bowl, the tower's sides, and the larger drinking bowl at the bottom. The water that goes through the system is constantly being recirculated for freshness, and it passes through two filters: a charcoal filter that takes away chemical impurities and a foam filter that takes out cat hair and other debris in the water. This makes sure that the water your cat will receive is as pure as the water you prefer to drink. We tried this filter on a long weekend holiday and found that, after some time, our cat enjoyed drinking from this one. That is why we strongly recommend it.

From the top, the Pioneer Raindrop Fountain resembles a rounder raindrop, as the name suggests. This cat water fountain is dominated by a metal feature that holds in place both the upper drinking bowl, the chute through which water trickles down to the larger drinking bowl, and the lower capacious drinking bowl. That's three possible areas from which cats could drink. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and safe from very enthusiastic cats. The pump can be easily removed in order for the whole cat waterer to be put inside a dishwasher. Simply remove the shell from inside the lower part of the bowl containing the pump. This pump enables water to move around the fountain, thus drawing cats to it and allowing them to drink.

The Pioneer Raindrop Fountain requires electricity to operate, which can be obtained by plugging it to an outlet on a wall. Unfortunately, this means no battery backup in case of an emergency, but if cats are used to drinking from this cat water fountain, it would not be a problem. Like all cat water fountains, and this is why we are enthusiastic about them, this cat waterer contains a charcoal filter to ensure that the water stays clean and fresh and is safe from contaminants such as chemicals or other such things. One last thing: this device is that it can fit in with any modern or classic decor because of its stainless steel construction and modern design. Now that's something to see in your home or flat.


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