A Basic Guide To Dog Care with Automatic Dog Water Bowls

There are plenty of pet care products out there for your dog and we’ve taken the time to discuss some tips on choosing the perfect one for yours.

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A Paw-some Overview

Dogs are probably the most popular and most loved pets for many people as these animals serve as friends, companions, and family. Any dog lover would certainly agree that taking care of your dogs is a must-do task that must be accomplished. An important aspect of being a good dog sitter is choosing and purchasing the right set of pet care tools and supplies. In this article, we discuss some of the features and benefits of having an automatic dog water fountain, a water bowl, and a water bottle for your dog’s indoor and outdoor use. These different pet care aids will be explored individually further into the article.

As a self-confessed dog lover, I personally understand the importance of having sufficient knowledge in addressing their needs. I treat my dogs as if they were my own kids, and part of my responsibility in taking care of them is to know what is best for them. In this article, I will share my thoughts and first-hand experience in selecting the right kind of waterer, dispenser, along with other dog care supplies. Not only have these tools made my dogs more comfortable and healthier, they have also made me feel a whole lot better about myself as a dog owner.

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

One of the primary needs of any dog is a clean and safe source of drinking water. A water fountain would be an ideal option as it mimics the free-flowing water sound which animals find to be appealing, thus encouraging them to drink more often. Water fountain products also contain charcoal filters which ensure that impurities are removed from the water, keeping it free from bad odor and taste. Dog waterers are highly advisable for pets so that they can be properly hydrated and for them to avoid urinary and kidney problems. A typical water fountain also has adjustable water streams to suit your dog’s needs. Some waterers can even be shared by multiple dogs at the same time, thanks to their multi-level features. An added water bowl or a tray also catches spills for a hassle-free drinking experience for your pets. To add, a water fountain is normally easy to clean and maintain.  

On the other hand, a water bottle is more suitable when it comes to your dog’s outdoor adventures such as long walks in the park or travel abroad, as it is more convenient and on-the-go. Some water bottles can even fit snugly into a car holder and would be great for outdoor hikes and road trips with your dog. When choosing for a water bottle, make sure that it is easy to squeeze and operate even with one hand, and that it easily releases water as the dog licks into it. Another consideration would be the material; a water bottle is usually made plastic and comes with a dispenser or out of stainless steel which is guaranteed to be durable and does not leak easily. Some dog water bottles also have a feature which drains extra water back into the bottle. Generally speaking, a water bottle is essential in keeping your dog hydrated anywhere, anytime!

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Benefits for the Dog Owner

Getting an automatic waterer for your dog is beneficial for busy dog owners like you and me. A water fountain with a leak-proof design would not splash water on the floor or in the carpet, and does not create a whirring sound that would keep you up at night. Even if you are on a short trip, you do not have to worry about your pet not having enough water to consume; as a typical water dispenser can hold a sufficient water supply to supply your dog’s needs for the day. There would also be no need for you to refill the water every day, as the automatic waterer and its charcoal filters would do the job. Imagine all the time you can save from daily cleaning of your ordinary water bowl; as the water dispenser efficiently does the task for you. The filtering system would catch the trapped hair and debris for you.

Aside from not having to clean the dispenser every so often, an added benefit would be that you can enjoy a fresher source of air. The general atmosphere in your house would be cleaner, as the water fountain adds humidity to a room. Not only that, your dog’s proper and frequent hydration can save you a chunk off your veterinary bill. Moreover, getting an automatic waterer can be economical; its usage only requires minimal power consumption. Plus, a dog water fountain’s adjustable running water system saves you from the potential wastefulness of leaving your tap water running continuously, while the low-voltage pumps require only minimal power consumption. If you come to think of it, buying a water dispenser and water bowl is a good investment for both your pet and yourself as an owner, and you do not have to wait too long to see the positive results that it can bring to your pet’s health and to your savings.  

Our Verdict

After going through all the features and benefits of basic dog care supplies, we hope that you have understood the relevance of getting the right tools for your dog, such as a water fountain, a water bowl, and a water bottle. All these products aid in maintaining your pet’s overall health and hygiene, and will save you plenty of time, effort and money. Dogsitting can be a burdensome task but with the help of tools such as an automatic waterer, a water dispenser and a water bowl, pet care can be quite a breeze—both for indoor and outdoor scenarios!

With this added information on dog care and how water fountains, water bottles and water bowls can be advantageous for your pet and yourself, we would like to wish you a brand-new experience in dog care and maintenance. Thank you for reading through our article, and we do hope that you have picked up nuggets of wisdom in becoming better pet owners. Please feel free to visit our website any time for any pet-related concern or if you are looking for tips and advice in pet care. We would always be happy to share our thoughts and build a network of pet advocates. Make sure to check out the latest in automatic pet feeding technology with these dog feeders.