15 Of The Best Automatic Dog Water Fountains To Help Take Care Your Pets

We review 15 dog water fountains for your pet pooch.

What You Need To Know Right Now

Pet dogs love to eat, but you do know that like us, they need water to survive. That is why water dishes are a very important pet accessory. But what if you aren't at home to fill up the water dish or are on vacation and can't be there to give your dog's water some attention? That is what dog water fountains are for. They provide a convenient, steady way to give your pets the hydration they need without the fuss or mess traditional water bowls offer. There are generally two kinds of dog waterers, as they are also called. There are automatic waterers and gravity powered waterers.

We have been trying these out both at home when we are there and on weekends when we are out, and we do have some general advice for dog water fountain users. Dogs can be more thirsty at times than in others because of factors such as climate and how much they can consume, so it is wise to make sure the water supply is steady. If need be, on a long trip, ask someone to check on the dog waterer to see if water needs to be topped up. With that kind of attention, your dogs stay healthy and happy.

The LED Automatic Drinking Fountain has one feature in common with #5 and #9, and it is the LED light that glows at night to give dogs a chance to drink at any time. This light, which here glows through the spout through which the water passes, not only helps the dogs find the waterer but is also a bit of an attractive water feature, something which we may sometimes enjoy at home whatever the time of day or night. The dog water fountain can carry around 1.8 liters or about 60 fluid ounces of water, which makes this convenient for small to medium sized dogs. This is definitely the one we would recommend for puppies who need hydration as much, if not more, than dogs of other ages.

The LED Automatic Drinking Fountain relies upon a double activated charcoal filtration system to ensure that impurities are removed so that dogs can drink clean and fresh drinking water. This dog water fountain also operates quietly, which is crucial for both pets and their parents who may be sensitive to the noise coming from motors. We do hope that you would consider this, and the other 14 dog water fountains we've reviewed, for your next dog waterer purchase. Do keep your pets hydrated, and have a reliable person help you maintain your waterers when you are away. Nothing less than the health and happiness of your dogs are at stake with these water fountains, and we hope that this information will help you make a decision as to which one to buy.

The last one we will review in its line is this purpose-built Petsafe Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain. This outdoor dog water fountain, available in grey, features two water tanks sitting atop a deep drinking bowl which is good for medium to large pets or for multiple pets. As with other dog waterers of its kind, it has an activated charcoal filter to remove any impurities that may accumulate in the water, and a foam filter to remove any debris, including dog hair. Its BPA-free and UV-resistant plastic material does not fade as easily outdoors, ensuring that the device remains durable for some time to come. The water fountain can be used indoors as well as out for your convenience, and while it is big, it is easily transportable.

The Petsafe Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain is the highest capacity one in its line, with a 3.5 gallon tank that allows water to circulate, thus ensuring freshness and drawing dogs to drink from it. Having dogs drink plenty of water is especially crucial for the health of senior dogs, as their joints and organs may fail and they need the water to continue going as they grow older. Younger dogs may need water too to help grow their bodies and strengthen them as they become more active. Such a large dog water fountain will safeguard their health and make them continue to be healthy and happy, something which we all hope our pets will be in years to come. That is why we also recommend this particular dog waterer.

The Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer is in a class all its own that this automatic dog fountain is neither, by the usual definitions, an automated dog waterer or a gravity dog waterer. In fact, it is a dog waterer that relies upon one's plumbing. The water trough is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and sterilize. This is especially important in the farm environment where similar waterers may be found. The drinking area is around four inches deep, which allows for enough water to feed dogs of whatever size, provided that they can reach into the bowl. This means that such a dog waterer is recommended for medium to large breed dogs, such as Great Danes, Huskies, and other like dogs.

Setting the Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer up is easy. Just mount it on a wall or frame, plug its hose to the water supply, and fill it up by turning the taps on and off as needed. The tap is in fact the only moving part! However, you may be concerned whether the water is safe enough for your pets, so it might be wise to get a filtration system similar to those we've seen for other automatic dog fountains. The downside of this dog waterer is that cleaning it, while easy, will require a lot more elbow grease than usual. Such an inconvenience, though, is nothing compared to what dogs will go through when their kidneys fail due to a grave lack of water.

Nothing looks more appropriate for ceramic water fountains than the tall, rectangular shape of the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain, a device which comes in different colors to match whatever space you have at home or in your apartment. Like other dog water fountains in that line, it consists of a water bowl and the tower-like structure from which two spouts emerge, letting the water fall to persuade pets to drink from it. (The sound of flowing water, of course, is enticing for their humans as well.) The water bowl itself matches the water "tower", a rectangular rounded bowl with its sides rising up in a curved shape. We can go on for several paragraphs about what is so inspiring and elegant about this bowl that you should buy it, but we'll stop here.

We will talk about what the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain has. It has, like other Drinkwell products, a dual filtration system. The system has a foam filter to deal with dog hair or any other debris, and a charcoal system composed of burnt coconut husks to deal with other chemical impurities that may pass through the dog water fountain's water as it circulates throughout the system. The system can fit up to 70 fluid ounces, which is fine for small or medium sized pets as they get their thirst relieved. Finally, it is worth noting that dogs can drink from either the top bowl or the bottom one, which is good for multiple small dog owners. All these features, plus the elegant design, make it worth checking out.

If this sounds familiar to you, the topPets Fountain Feeder is a dog water fountain that is similar to a dog feeder we mentioned in our list of 25 dog feeders for your pet, and is a combination food bowl and automatic dog waterer. The device has two water reservoir. The inner reservoir is the actual water bowl, which is easily detachable for cleaning, especially when dealing with residue from dog activity in the bowl. The outer reservoir contains the water supply, which holds 3 liters or around 100 fluid ounces of water. This is enough for small to medium sized pets. The water is pumped through a charcoal filter, which cleans out any impurities in the water, into the water bowl. Any water left over is pumped back into the outer reservoir, and this cycle ensures liquid freshness for your dogs.

One other convenience of the topPets Fountain Feeder is the food bowl, which also serves as a scoop for people working with dry, moist, or semi-moist food as they scoop it out of their dog food bags. This is convenient especially if you, like us, are working with others to feed the dogs when you are often away. Feeding your pets is important, but dogs who aren't hydrated are more likely to suffer as their organs could shut down. In fact, even the very movement of dogs rely upon water, as they need it to lubricate and cushion their joints as they move around. One last feature we'd like to note is the LED night light, which also serves as an indicator of the dog waterer's water level.

We're talking deluxe here! The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain, one of their hard plastic automatic dog water fountains, is shaped like a juice maker but definitely is not one. The water drops from a spigot extending forward from the water container, spilling its contents to the drinking bowl below. The flow of the water can be adjusted, but the point of the falling water is to entice pets to drink a lot. In fact, the dog waterer can hold a lot of water, 168 fluid ounces worth of it. This is enough for multiple pets or for medium to large size dogs of all breeds, allowing them a chance to be hydrated without any inconvenience. The hard plastic is BPA-free, giving you peace of mind about pet safety.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain comes with a free cleaning kit, which consists of three brushes. One will clean the pump, which can sometimes be noisy as some users note (but we did not mind). The other will clean the tube that extends from the water tube to the spigot that produces the waterfall. The last one is meant to clean everything else. Of course, for added cleanliness, you can put this in the dishwasher's top shelf. We tried this particular model during a weekend trip, and with only one intervening visit from our very eager neighbor to refill it, the dog we tried for this dog water fountain was quite satisfied. The drool had to be cleaned out, though, and thank goodness for the brush.

There is something different about the Pioneer Big Max Ceramic Drinking Fountain that sets it apart from most of the dog water fountains we've reviewed. No, it is not that it is made of ceramic. It is not that it relies on a continuous flow of water to refresh it and make it as attractive as possible to dogs. It is definitely not the fact that this is the porcelain counterpart of #14, the stainless steel version of this fountain. What would it be? It comes in basic black. This dog waterer has the interesting ability to blend into any space that is bedecked with modern decor, or even classic ones. Its form definitely suits its function: to give dogs enough water to continue living.

The Pioneer Big Max Ceramic Drinking Fountain comes with a standard charcoal filter to remove impurities such as chemicals and debris from drinking water, keeping it clean and fresh for pets. This dog water fountain can hold up to 128 oz., which makes it useful for multiple pets or for large pets for whom a smaller dog waterer would be unsuitable. Besides, it helps that hydration for pet dogs is most helpful in the summer months, where temperatures can really climb. Just be sure to keep the waterer in good condition, refill it when needed, and make sure someone responsible takes care of it if ever you plan to go out of town. This is advice we take very seriously that one of our neighbors always agrees to do it without us asking.

The Critter Concepts Automatic Water Bowl for Dogs is one of the gravity-powered dog water fountains we are reviewing in this list. Like the others on this list that are gravity-powered, it empties out under the influence of gravity as dogs consume the water. Unlike the other gravity dog waterers we are reviewing, the device is much larger, relies on a water tank made of food-grade BPA-free plastic, and runs on a spigot which controls the water supply. There are no filters, unfortunately, so cleaning this device requires some manual labor. This is easily achieved first through a little yellow drain plug on the feeding dish that drains the bowl and allows for easy cleaning. The device itself can easily be disassembled and cleaned either manually or in a dishwasher.

Three sizes are available for the Critter Concepts Automatic Water Bowl for Dogs: 3.5 gallons, 5 gallons, and 6.5 gallons. The device is mounted on three inch high rollers for easy transport, and the feeding bowl is raised around 7 inches of the ground for easy watering. This allows for the kind of elevated watering that is convenient for medium and large breed dogs. The manufacturer recommends that in the summer heat, it is possible to cool down the water by throwing in a frozen gallon jug of water in it to serve as an ice cube. A pretty neat tip, we suppose, and we tried it out one hot day. It worked for our pets and we learned a new trick for our old dogs.

The NatureSPA Premium Pet Fountain has one distinguishing feature from other dog water fountains we've reviewed. Apart from the usual filter systems most other water features have, the dog waterer relies upon an ultraviolet light filter, or UV filtration system, to filter the dogs' drinking water the same way this is done for human water dispensers, so to speak. The UV filter works by emitting enough radiation to kill off harmful bacteria and microorganisms in water, complementing the device's charcoal filtration system. The charcoal filtration system fulfills the role of further filtering the water, clearing it of unwanted debris and chemicals. This makes the water doubly clean for your pet dogs' needs. Like other automatic dog waterers, this device has a continuous water flow system to ensure the water's freshness.

The NatureSPA Premium Pet Fountain has a capacity of 58 fl. oz, which makes it a reasonably sized device for smaller dog breeds. This may mean, for some others, that refilling would be necessary, which is signaled by the dog waterer's built in automatic low-water shut down system. The only downside we've read is that the device's built-in LED light, which illuminates the device at night, may sometimes be a bug magnet in some areas. We feel the advantages outweigh the slight inconvenience. A good bug zapper in the space might help alleviate the problem and keep your device bug-free. We would recommend this pet water fountain if you are very concerned about water quality for your dogs as much as you are concerned for your own.

The Sunbeam Pets Purifying Fountain is your "basic" dog water fountain in this list. This pet water fountain resembles a watering dish with a huge water bottle stacked on it, resembling one of those plastic bottles sold at Japanese supply shops. However, it is more durable than any of those things. The dog waterer is made of solid plastic, can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and is BPA-free. Its round water bowl design makes this one of those we'd recommend for multi-pet households. And more importantly, its capacity of 1.3 gallons allows the dog waterer to go for some time without refilling, which is a boon for pet owners who may only have little time to check on their pet's daily water supply periodically.

The dual filtration system in the Sunbeam Pets Purifying System takes care, on the one hand, of the water's content, filtering out harmful materials and chemicals, and on the other, of the hair and other debris that might accumulate while the dog water fountain keeps its water flowing. Consistent water flow is necessary for automatic dog waterers such as this one because of one problem that may arise from dogs' drinking from water bowls: their saliva may accumulate at the bottom, forming a thin film that may contain bacteria and germs. Just to be sure, it is wise to run the bowl through the dishwasher every now and then to clean it out, not to mention to check if such muck is present in the bowl.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain is the first in the line we're mentioning that is made from BPA-free plastic (which makes it safe and non-toxic) and is the biggest one in its class. It contains 2.25 gallons of water. This gives this dog water fountain a huge advantage for dog owners who have multiple pets or have dog breeds of any size, particularly those whose bodily needs demand more water than usual. Another good thing about a huge capacity? Refills would need to happen less often, which means that this may be a good device to have if you're the kind who takes longer trips and have no one to check on your dog waterer oftener than, say, twice or thrice a week.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain has all the standard features PetSafe offers, including a charcoal and foam filtration system. The charcoal takes care of purifying the water, and the foam filters take care of removing hair and debris, something which may happen when furry creatures of any sort come into contact with water. A continuous stream of water that this dog water fountain gives not only attracts dogs to drink from it. It also ensures freshness and oxygenation in the water, which reduces panting and heavy breathing in dogs. Finally, one feature of this dog waterer that makes it attractive for us is that it is safe to use on the top shelf of the dishwasher, making this very easy to clean up well!

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is another model from a well-represented dog water fountain supplier on this list. What distinguishes this dog waterer from the rest is its 360 degree water flow system, which can be adjusted in five ways with the replacement of a small plastic ring. What this means is that you can offer your pet dog, or multiple dogs, a chance to drink from a fountain that flows all around, and you have ways of controlling the flow depending on how many pets you have and their eagerness to drink. The dog water fountain has a content of 128 oz., which means that it can satisfy even the thirstiest dogs with the amount of water it can hold inside its container.

On a very hot day, having plenty of water around is pretty valuable for dogs, because unlike us humans, dogs do not have sweat glands. They cool themselves down by panting a lot and breathing heavily, which is something that you may have noticed. When we were starting out with dogs, it was something that concerned and sometimes even bothered us. But we realized that unlike us, sweat is something they don't have. All they need is lots of fresh, cooling water in their system. That's why a dog water fountain like the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is important. Its circulation system aerates the water to ensure freshness, and the stainless steel material helps keep the water clean and free from stains which may harbor harmful bacteria.

The Heyrex Torus Ultimate Pet Water Bowl resembles a giant doughnut, which is essentially what a torus shape is like, and is a good example of a gravity dog water fountain. This means that as the water empties due to evaporation or the dogs' eagerness to hydrate themselves, the container slowly but surely empties out. One advantage of this waterer is that, unlike conventional dog water fountains of its sort, the container is totally sealed except for the outlet which is protected by the waterer's filtration system, so that only one small outlet is needed to let the water flow. The durable plastic material is solid enough that it would not receive significant damage except from dogs who may try unsuccessfully to bring this half-gallon thing around.

The shape and design of the Heyrex Torus Ultimate Pet Water Bowl is meant for stability, meaning that it won't get knocked over that easily either by those same over-eager dogs or by passers-by. And it is easy to replace the filters on this thing. All one has to do is to unscrew the filter cap, remove the filter, and replace it with a new one. Like any good dog water fountain supplier, they also offer filters in replacement packs of five. One final advantage this dog waterer has is its portability. It can be brought along on long trips with one's pets, and it requires no wires or batteries to operate. Fill it up with water and you are ready to go anywhere with your pets.

Stainless steel: it isn't just for pots and pans anymore. The Pioneer Big Max Fountain is a stainless steel dog water fountain that can find a place along your basic cutlery set. The device features a continuously flowing stream of fresh water that appeals to your pet--why else would your dog love drinking out of a hose outside? The bowl is wide enough to give your dogs room to drink from it, and the upper bowl with its flowing water is good enough to provide more room for dogs to get nourishing water into their system. The best thing about it is that the continuously flowing water is also helpful for your bowl: it helps clean the bowl and move dirt and undesirable things to the filter system.

The Pioneer Big Max Fountain features a round bowl which can be put into any dishwasher without any worries. We've tried washing it up that way and we found that it works just as well as with the pots and pans. Most of all, what we like about the dog water fountain is that it is durable. It doesn't break just as easily as some of the ceramic types, and it is less prone to being damaged by the efforts of over-eager dogs. It has still another advantage: it holds 128 ounces of water, which means plenty of time between refills. Make sure, as always, to check on the filter system if it gets too dirty, and have someone take care of your dog waterer while you're away.

PetSafe's Drinkwell line is well represented in this list, and the first one we will tackle is the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain, which comes in two colors, red and white. The fountain is shaped like a tall, slightly curved wide tube with two small outlets for the water to flow out into the bowl. The water is oxygenated in order for small to medium-sized dogs to enjoy drinking from this dog water fountain, and there are two drinking bowls for pets to enjoy, the top tower-like structure and the bowl itself. The bowl is made of solid porcelain, which is said to be easier to clean and is more hygienic than, say, plastic, which is what more affordable gravity or mechanical waterers would use.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain can easily be disassembled for cleaning. The dog water fountain comes with a built-in activated charcoal and foam filtration system to clean up the water for drinking. The advantage of this filtration system is that it can protect dogs from waterborne diseases which may be harmful to them. The capacity of this feeding device is 7 ounces, which is good enough for smaller dogs and not quite the kind you would offer to larger breeds of dog. You might want to keep your dog hydrated in any case because dogs lose water due to their waste products, such as urine and feces, and they really need it in order to stay cool, as they do not sweat like the rest of us.


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