Handling Your Dog’s Appetite With Automatic Dog Feeders

A dog with a happetite is the least of your problems. In this article, we’ll explain how a dog feeder is one of the supplies that could be useful to you as an owner.

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A Product For Your Dog’s Happetite

Taking care of a dog is a heart-warming and rewarding experience. As dog lovers, we see to it that our dogs are well taken care of; that they are generally healthy, free from illnesses, and have a good appetite. Most dogs, whether it be a large dog or a small dog, love to eat; and so feeding time becomes one of the most important times in dogsitting. The best product that you can buy for your dog’s nourishment is an automatic dog feeder with a timer and this article would discuss exactly why. As you read on, you will better understand how you can make your pet’s feeding experience a happy one!

In my day-to-day journey as a dog owner, I have come to realize the importance of selecting the right kind of supplies when it comes to pet care, especially when it comes to feeding. Proper nourishment is the foundation of any dog’s good health. I am more than happy to share my knowledge on how to feed your canine friends with the help of programmable dog feeders which can be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. By the end of the article, you will appreciate how an automatic dog feeder can help attain a balanced diet for your dog.

What Do You Need to Know About Dog Feeders?

A dog feeder may be purchased  in various sizes, materials and design. Choosing the right kind for your dog depends on several factors. An electric automatic feeder is ideal for dogs whose eating frequency needs to be controlled as an electric automatic feeder dispenses meals with portion control. Meals can be served at regularly scheduled intervals through a programmable timer. An automatic dog feeder is designed to dispense and store food through an air-tight hopper, which then serves the food in pre-measured quantities. An electric automatic dog feeder even becomes handier in situations when you have to leave the house for a while as it still allows you to schedule your dog’s food intake periodically during the days that you’d be away. This way, you are assured that your dog would still get the right amount of nourishment it needs while you are away. No need to feel worried about your pet while you’re on vacation!

An automatic dog feeder with a timer is also essential in ensuring that your dog gets just the right amount of food intake, and at the right pace. Some dogs tend to have a very healthy appetite, and this leads them to consume the food too fast, which can cause bloating and other digestive problems. With an automatic dog feeder, the food volume is adjustable and dispensed as needed. This helps your canine achieve a more balanced diet, thus contributing to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. Moreover, the use of automatic dog feeder with programmable meal portions can help prevent food aggressions and problems in digestion. Automatic pet feeders are especially necessary in the case of dogs with diabetes; as regular meal schedules should be prioritized. These devices schedule and regulate the dispensed meals, avoiding further complications such as hypoglycemia for your canine. Think of the savings on your veterinary bill!

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Selecting the Best Dog Feeder

There are still some other considerations in choosing a dog feeder, one of which is the type of material it is made of.  Some dog feeders are made of plastic and are suited for outdoor use; these are easy to clean and maintain and more portable, however, you might want to buy a heavy duty automatic feeder especially if you have a large dog. For that case, a metal pet feeder would do the trick. The metal type cannot be easily broken even if a large dog pounces on it. Another consideration when selecting a dog feeder is the design. You would notice that the feeders have varying designs in narrowness, protrusions, and elevation. All these are designed to help regulate your canine’s eating, however, they all work on the same principle of making it a bit more challenging for the dog to eat the food. This is very important so that the dog would not just chow down all the food in one sitting.

If you own a large dog, such as a German Shepherd, an elevated dog feeder is the way to go. It has also been recommended by veterinarians for geriatric dogs, and for dogs who have difficulty in swallowing and other medical conditions. An elevated feeder is advantageous for dogs who are suffering from arthritis or back problems, as a raised feeder facilitates an easier movement of the food to the mouth and stomach without unnecessary strain on the dog’s neck and joints. This helps promote better posture and healthier eating habits for the dog. Moreover, an elevated feeder helps maintain a cleaner environment. A raised feeder keeps the food in the bowls and not on the floor, preventing sloppy behavior amongst animals. With an elevated feeder, the dog does not have to raise its head as far up in order to facilitate swallowing, and so the water would not end up spilling across the floor. This leads to less mess for you to clean up after, and less breeding grounds for bacteria to grow.

Our Verdict

Truly, a dog’s healthy appetite is good news for any owner, but it comes with a great responsibility that must be taken seriously. We want to secure our pet’s welfare by seeing to it that it gets to achieve proper nourishment and a balanced diet. In this article we have learned that a dog feeder is one of the tools that can help us regulate, maintain and make the best out of our dog’s appetite. A dog feeder can be beneficial in ensuring that our canine observes proper eating times, and that it is eats a sufficient amount of food. This is highly important in keeping them away from obesity and other health risks.

We hope that you have picked up some useful tips in keeping up with your dog’s appetite through this article. Should there be any other concern on dogsitting or any advice that you’d like to seek on how you can better attend to your canine friend’s needs, please feel free to drop by our website! We are always on the lookout for ways on improving and sharing pet knowledge. Remember, we are united in making this world a better place for our beloved four-legged friends. Stay tuned for more articles that would make you an even more amazing dog owner!