Your Guide In Buying An Automatic Fish Feeder

If you own a fish tank and you are thinking of buying an automatic fish feeder, read through this article to find out the reasons why you shouldn’t have any second thoughts on buying one.

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Say Goodbye to Fishy Thoughts

Are you a fishing enthusiast? Do you currently venture into fish farming business and own a private pond? Or perhaps you are a simple fish lover with a highly-maintained home aquarium? No matter what variety of fish you are keeping, and whether you do it out of sheer interest or for commercial purposes, it cannot be denied that one of the major highlights of fish maintenance is feeding them. Your finned friends, whether they are the lucky pet koi or your game fish, are in constant need of proper feeding. In this article, you will find out the reasons why automated fish feeding is the way to go over manual feeding.

I used to be an avid supporter of manual fish feeding, as I felt that feeding my pet fishes manually heightens our bond. Part of the reason why I was drawn towards keeping an aquarium is the daily interaction I get through fish feeding, and that seemed to enhance the bond between me and my pet fishes. However, my schedule could not keep up with that level of involvement, and I had to resort to other ways to maintain my fish. In this article, I will be sharing how automatic fish feeders can help you manage feeding your fish more efficiently, whether you are at home or on vacation.

What Should You Know About Fish Feeders?

Regardless of how dedicated you are as a fish owner, things such as sudden errands or a busy work schedule could keep you out of your way in regularly feeding your fish and thus neglecting your aquarium or pond. You cannot just rely on yourself to remember about fish feeding at all times. Always take into consideration the fact that fishes cannot survive without someone feeding them, especially the ones bred in aquariums. Further still, if you are taking care of pond fish and you would want to accelerate their growth, you would have to still feed them in order to complement the natural food supply provided by the pond ecosystem. Considering these points, you would need a device that would aid you in automatically feeding your fish. The main advantage of using an automatic fish feeder is that it guarantees that food would be dispensed in the fish tank, aquarium or pond at regular intervals, even if you are away for a vacation.

There are several brands of automatic fish feeders available in the market today, each with a different design and varying features; however, they all basically have the same function: to dispense a pre measured, accurate amount of food at timed intervals. The fish feeders also have food chambers which can store and accommodate different types of fish food such as pellets, flakes or sticks, and can be programmed accordingly. Some feeder models even have aerated chambers which keep the food from being spoiled. Fish feeding had never been this easy! With large capacity feeders, some units feature stackable hopper extensions that can increase food capacity for up to 3.3 gallons! You also have the option to space accurately-timed feeding cycles down to 2 minute intervals using the feeder’s adjustable internal electronic timer. Moreover, the automated fish feeder’s extraction system assures you that your pellets would not jam with dry food nor dirty the water in the process.

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Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Fish Feeder

If you are the type of owner who is often away for a vacation or a trip abroad for long periods of time, you may want to choose a feeder model that has a large hopper and an adjustable dispensing schedule. This assures you that the feeder would release food enough for a couple of days’ duration without refilling. Also take note if the feeder has an integrated fan and ventilation system that would keep the food fresh and dry. Some feeders allow you to schedule the meals as many times during the day, but some units only allow up to 6-8 times at maximum. For optimum use, you should check the battery life of the feeder and check if it fits with the aquatic habitat you are planning to set it up. If you are planning to mount the feeder in an outdoor setting, you might as well choose a model with weatherproof design that is also sun-resistant.

An automated fish feeder enhances the quality of feeding that your fishes get, and can further strengthen your pond’s food chain in the process. This can result to a yield in growth for your fish pond population. If properly used, an automatic fish feeder would only intensify your bond and involvement with the fish, as opposed to popular opinion that getting a feeder can make owners neglect their aquarium or pond. On the contrary, a fish feeder can even enable you to closely monitor your fishes’ growth and control their feeding; equipping you with the freedom to make changes in the type of feed to be dispensed, the pacing, the quantity, and the frequency of feeding. Moreover, the fish feeders can also help establish a healthier feeding routine; as the fishes would be able to anticipate at which location the food would be dispensed at a given time. In general, this promotes better health for the fishes.

Our Verdict

As we reach the end of this article, let us sum up our main takeaways on the subject of automatic fish feeders. These are useful devices not only when it comes to properly scheduling fish feeding, they are also helpful when it comes to assuring that the fishes are getting the right quantity of food they need to survive. This is beneficial for both personal and commercial use, whether it be an aquarium or pond setting. At the end of the day, the owner is given the chance to be in control of feeding without compromising other schedules and errands.

If you find yourself in need of more advice and tips on selecting the right kind of devices, supplies and tools to improve your finned friends’ condition, please feel free to drop by our website any time! We are more than happy to help out by sharing reviews, articles and any information that would take out the fishy questions you have in your head with regard to fish feeding and maintenance. Thank you for taking the time to read the article and trusting our site for the information you are looking for; it would mean a lot to us if you can share this article and spread the word!