Pawbo Wi-fi Pet Camera Review

We review the Pawbo, a pet camera that promises to do what it wants to do in a simple, effective way.

First a Little Background

Pets love it when they are the center of attention. Even when they are away, they value being called and rewarded for it, if you find ways to teach them. That is why we are looking today at the Pawbo, a pet camera that offers a few no-frills features for its users.

The Pawbo has four key features, all of which can be controlled through its accompanying app. It can take and record live video of your pets, transmit your voice, play a laser game with them, and feed them treats. These are all meant to keep you in touch with your furry friends.

For those like us who have had pets for a long time, having such a device at home would be a good idea to try. We wanted to find out whether the Pawbo pet camera would deliver on what it promised to do. We thus wanted to try it out for a couple of weeks.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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  • Users can see their pets online and send them audio messages in real time, and dispense treats too for them!
  • The Pawbo has a small, sleek, and stylish design that can sit on a countertop or any smooth surface in your space.
  • The Pawbo can connect not only through home wi-fi but through multiple network types, including 3G, 4G, and LTE.


  • The Pawbo does not have any night vision mode; however, lighting up spaces where one’s pets are would be a good idea here.
  • The pet camera’s size means that it can only accommodate nine treats of a small kind in its carousel.

Features & Benefits

See and Speak With Your Furry Friend

Pets love getting attention from their owners and family. That is why the Pawbo pet camera not only has a camera that can catch pets on screen, but also has a speaker through which anyone with the app can talk to pets. The way to get a pet’s attention is to sound a pre-selected ringtone, and once the pet is within range, they can get to hear whoever is on the speakers. (We’ll tell you why in a bit.) Owners can record videos of their cats and dogs for posterity and upload them to their Dropbox folders for easier cloud sharing.

We are aware that many pet cameras on the market have roughly similar features, but it can’t get any simpler than what the Pawbo offers. Dogs and cats will pick up on what you have to say to them, and you have the chance to see your pet and see if he or she is alright. That is one way the pet camera guarantees you some peace of mind. What is lacking in this model of the Pawbo, though, is two-way audio interaction, but fret not! We hear that the Pawbo+ will have it when it launches in October 2016.

Up to Two Apps for One Camera

The way one runs a Pawbo pet camera is the same as much of what is around in the Internet of Things: one uses an app. The app is easy to setup and runs on both Android and iOS devices, which is a boon for people who use either one or both. The app allows you to control the device by manipulating the laser game, or activating the mic to speak to your pet, or dispensing a treat. What we found most interesting is that this is not just one app to one unit--two app users can connect to one camera at the same time.

What does this mean for you, the pet owner? Simply that you and your partner, with separate phones or tablets, can chat with your dog or cat. We found this very useful when my partner and I were traveling and we needed to be sure that our dog recognized each of our voices even when we were not in the same room. It means that if you and a family member close to your pet want to see it in action, you need not worry about having just one app per device. Just let your family member log in and relieve their worries as much as yours!

Run the Laser and Watch Them Play

The laser game, in which a laser dot is fired to the ground so that a pet can chase it, is an innovation some pet cameras have. The Pawbo puts a twist on it. If you are not in the mood to run the laser, the device will do it for you when you switch it on. Of course, if you are keen on getting your dog or cat to move around, then you can guide the laser yourself through the app. This is a game that is useful for very active pets and owners who are as active as they are!

We know that pets, like humans, can grow too fat and sluggish without some form of exercise to keep them going. That is why we like this laser game, because it keeps pets active. When in manual mode, it gives pet owners like you a chance to actively play with your pets and keep up with them. That’s still another way of getting peace of mind: you have dogs who are happy, healthy, and alert. Moreover, having an exercise tool like this should put you in mind of your own need for exercise, we hope. Just a reminder, though: do not point the laser directly at a pet’s eye, or anyone else’s.

Treat Them Out!

The final feature of the Pawbo we would like to highlight is one that pets almost always appreciate: pet treats. This is a feature that we like because it almost always makes them happy. At a signal from the app, the pet camera dispenses one treat from a small carousel found within. It has the benefit of giving owners the chance to teach pets a new skill, and lets them reward their furry friends for good behavior. There are nine treats in the carousel, always small ones, so it is a good idea to reload the dispenser before one goes away, and reward sparingly.

We are happy when we are able to teach our dog to recognize the sound of our voices even when we are away. It is also a delight when our dogs recognizes the sound of a ringtone that will lead them to a treat. You will also find it a good thing that pets are rewarded when you get their attention, because it builds trust and loyalty in them. These are two things we hope your pets will continue to have as they live with you at home. That is why this pet camera helps you build this, and in a simple and effective way as well.



What did we like about the Pawbo pet camera? It does everything it wants to do, and does it well enough for our needs. The camera works properly, and two of us can see it even on separate apps. The treat dispenser, even with its limitations, helps us reward our pets for the kind of trusting behavior we expect them to have. The audio allows us to call our dogs and help them to recognize our voices. Most of all, our interactions with our dogs can be recorded and uploaded for posterity.

If you are in the market for a simple, no-frills pet camera that does what you basically expect it to do and more, this is the one for you. Its features are simple and easy to figure out, and even with its limitations, you will have hours of fun staying in touch with your pets even when they are far away. We hope that the information we have offered today on the Pawbo will be useful to you as you make an informed decision. We trust that you will use this information to compare different pet cameras and make a choice on which one to buy.

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