Seven Best Haulers For Your Pets’ Comfy Ride

We assess the seven best pet carriers for you to consider while bringing your little friends outside strolling or even when travelling on a plane.

Why Not Let Your Pet Try These Comfy Carriers

Your pets are like family members and bringing them outdoors for them to experience a different environment can be exciting. Choosing a functional, chic and sturdy bag for your pets to be able to roam around outdoors without you feeling worried they are not secure. This is why we have checked these bags for your furry friends to be secure and comfortable in it.

That's not all. These carriers are not only for malling, strolling or car-riding. If you are travelling anytime soon and want to bring your pets with you, these carriers can bring your pets into the cabin, easily placing them under your seat.

Want to keep your pet safe and secure while having adequate ventilation? Try Sherpa Pet Carrier. This bag is recommended by organizations such as Delta Society, Humane Society and American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPA). This is the only carrier that has a ‘Guaranteed On-Board’ seal, making it safe to bring it on any airline. This well-ventilated bag is made of mesh material making it easy for your pet to sight-see while travelling however some pets can scratch this material open. It also has top and front openings giving you easy access to your pet. With Sherpa’s unique zipper lock feature, you can be sure that your pet won’t be escaping and roaming around unnoticed.

The Sherpa Pet Carrier has a cozy inner lining made of faux lambskin, making it enjoyable for your pet to rest or sleep while taking a trip or by even just staying at home. The bottom part of the carrier is sturdy and has Velcro attachments to the inner lining making it stable. Though it seems like it is hard to maintain the material, this bag has a washable lining making it easy breezy to clean. And when you and your pet are not going anywhere, this bag can be easily stored since the material is foldable however, it seems that you wouldn’t be doing that because your pet will enjoy their stay in this comfy carrier.

Want something to secure your pets? The Sleepypod Dog Carrier might be able to help. This carrier comes in two sizes called Atom, which can fit up pets up to 8 pounds and Air, making 15 pounds fit. This bag is made of nylon outside, making it easier to clean and a polyester material inside. This bag looks like a duffle bag with sturdy sides and it comes in different colors. With the padded shoulder strap, this bag can be easily brought or even placed on top of your rolling luggage when travelling. However, it does not have side handle straps and just one hand strap in the middle making a unique in design.

The Sleepypod Dog Carrier has only one opening however it is from the front to the top making it easier to access your pet. The mesh design on the opening is a good breathing point for your pets. This bag can give your pet adequate space and has a soft inner bottom lining making your pet feel snuggly inside. This carrier is exquisite as it has been crash tested and with its unique shape, it can be easily strapped to the car, securing your pet. This bag is also approved to bring inside airline cabin as it can fit under the seat and even having the top part compressed up to 8 inches if necessary.

Want a lighter pet carrier? Try the SturdiBag Pet Carrier. Since this bag is polyester-made and making it lightweight, who would know that it can carry up to 35-pound pet weight not adding to your total baggage weight when travelling by plane. And since it fits easily under seats, because of its special flex-fold design, it can fit easily under an aircraft’s seat and also can be secured on a car’s seat having its seatbelt safety straps. This carrier can be carried smoothly because of its 4-way adjustable padded shoulder strap however it would be nice if it had some wheels for mobility speciality when you have to have long walks.

If you want your pet lying comfortable the SturdiBag Pet Carrier is something to try. With its fleece pad with Velcro makes it stable while giving your pet the enjoying experience of travelling with comfort. This bag has also its mesh windows for your pet’s breathability, the windows have a draw back feature for your pets privacy. The top opening can give your pet easy access to the carrier and the built-in inner clip is for your pet’s collar or harness to be able to keep them secure and prevent them from escaping. The bag’s material is easily washed, inside and outside, making it not difficult to keep it clean.

Want more room for your pet while travelling? The PetsFit Expandable Carrier gives more room to your buddy than any other pet bag. This mesh-material bag not only provides enough ventilation but it also provides more space with one side expanding. It has a top and size opening with zipper closures however pets can easily escape due to not having enough locks. With three sizes to choose from, this bag is priced depending on the size you pick. However when it comes to the color it only has one, dark gray with red lining. Though some carriers have small pockets, this bag has one big pocket to easily put your pet’s travel documents.

This may be a soft carrier but The PetsFit Expandable Carrier has a strong floor material, making it well enough to support your pet. It also has a washable mat making it easy for you to clean when needed. This carrier makes travel easy but sturdy due to its nylon handles and detachable shoulder strap making it a jiffy to carry your pet. However, before travelling on a plane, check with your airline first if this carrier is allowed since this is not included in IATA’s list of approved carriers. But the unique thing of this bag is how easy it is to keep as it can be folded flat and will not take up that much space.

If you want a well-enough ventilated carrier for your pet then Bergan Soft-Side Carrier is just for you. This carrier, which is priced very affordably, has a signature drop down front mesh panel allowing your pet more breathability and allow them to enjoy the freshness of the outdoor air. This bag caters to convenience and mobility as it has built-in wheels underneath to be able roll easily while walking. It is also has adjustable Velcro shoulder straps for a hassle-free carry bag. Also it can be strapped safely to your car because of the safety loop belt which connects it to your car’s seat belt easily. Plus, the pockets of this bag are sufficient enough to bring your pet’s things, toys and treats.

Travelling can entail long hours and The Bergan Soft-Sided Carrier has a unique feature which allows you to connect with your pet because of the side opening has a half zipper closure so that your pet would be able to put out his head while on the road or in the air. Also, instead of the usual top opening, this carrier has another side opening with a full zipper closure for you to be able to put your pet inside with ease while protecting them from escaping by having an extra security around the zipper. Your pet will be happy as this bag has a fleece bed for comfort while travelling and not to mention the Velcro locks underneath to hold it in place. This breathable carrier fits perfectly underneath the aircraft’s seat, making it easy to travel with your little buddy.

Are you and your pet stylish and chic? Doggydolly Handcrafted Pet Carrier does not look like a pet carrier at all because of its unique design. You can bring your furry friend with you to a coffee shop or even inside the mall without being noticed. This is because this bag has a doctor’s bag style, with denim-like outside material and pink, soft hand straps. This carrier is for our cute and tiny pets as it can fit 14-pound pets and below since it only has one size however it is lightweight and can fit under the airplane seat. The long shoulder straps are secured and would not slide off your shoulder, making it easy to travel. This chic bag is considered luxury, and is at a higher price point, but surely heads will turn when you have this fashionable carrier.

Doggydolly Handcrafted Pet Carrier has a soft fabric material both outside and inside but with rigid sides for good support. This bag has two openings, top and side, which can make it easy for your pet to be placed inside. The top opening has a zipper closure for your pet to be safe while the side opening has two layers: a mesh window for good ventilation which has a zipper for closure and a flap with a Velco-secured strap which can be rolled down when your pet seems scared because of a new environment. This bag has a padded waterproof lining that is easily washed. Indeed this bag is an eye-candy but are you ready to pay the price?

Flying anytime soon? Teafco Argo Petagon is an approved pet carrier from International Air Transport Association (IATA). It can carry pets up to 50 pounds, with the small size carrying from 10 - 25lbs and the medium holding pets from 25 - 50 pounds The carrier itself is super light in weight and will not add much to the weight of your pet. It also has a sturdy strap for easy carriage of your pet and has five pockets with zipper closures for storing accessories, toys and even medicines your pet needs. This carrier, which comes in two cute colors, baby pink and baby blue, has also a strap for a car seat belt to in place just in case you take your pet for a long drive.

The Teafco Argo Petagon pet carrier has two openings, top mesh opening and a side mesh openings with both dual layer mesh support to provide good ventilation. The top mesh opening has three security closures, a zipper, a snap lock and a Velcro to make sure your pet is secured. In addition to that, the bag has a safety hook to connect your pet’s harness to carrier. Also, this bag’s water resistant padded lining is washable and can keep your pet comfortable while inside. Who would not want to be comfy while taking a nap en route?


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