Petchatz Hd Review

This is a review of the PetChatz HD, a device that engages pets’ senses in more than one or two ways.

What You Need to Know

We all know that when we are away from our pets, they miss our and want to be with us as much as we want to be with them. That is why when we learned about the PetChatz, we were intrigued. Here was a device that promised interaction of a different sort.

The difference with the PetChatz lies with what it can do. Apart from two-way video and audio, it dispenses relaxing scents and delicious treats. It works through either an iOS app or a web interface which is easy to use. You can communicate with your pets and get a response almost instantly!

As longtime pet owners, we found this valuable. This kind of interaction makes use of more than one of our pet’s senses to pursue our interactions with them. It was this interesting idea that made us want to try it out for a couple of weeks, and here is what we learned.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the PetChatz HD Pet Camera

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  • You can interact with your furry friend on the PetChatz using a combination of voice, video, snacks, and scents that would make them happy
  • The device is easy to mount and install, which is convenient for home or apartment owners who want to please their pets.
  • You can record and share video of your pets with others, which allows you to share your pride in your pet.


  • The accompanying app for the PetChatz is available for iOS only, but the web interface should work on most other devices.
  • The app and video may periodically lag or crash, however, this problem is not as widespread as you think.

Features & Benefits

Interact With Your Pets

It is hard to underestimate the value of interacting with your pets, so the PetChatz HD creators thought of the key thing that would make this interaction possible: making sure they could see you as you could see them. Animals respond to seeing images on a monitor or still photo as much as seeing the real thing. This pet camera has a monitor that broadcasts high quality video from your app or webcam to your home so that your dog can see you. It also has speakers so you can speak to them, and a mic so that they can “talk" back.

Imagine the excitement on the face of your dog or cat when you call them with the pet camera’s ringtone and get them to hear and see you. You will also be delighted to see them and hear their familiar bark or purr, which can tell you a lot of things about how they are and what they might need when you come home. The small treat, as we will talk about shortly, is the greatest reward for their eagerness to be with you, even from afar. With an optional accessory that PetChatz also sells, the interaction can become a two-way thing.

Easy to Mount and Safe for Pets

Two things about the PetChatz HD hardware: it is easy to mount, and the design is safe for pets who may be too eager to claw for the treat container. All the owner has to do is to mount the pet camera over an electrical outlet and attach it with a wall stud. The other thing about it is that all the device’s key outlets, especially the scent and treat dispensers, are safe from the intentions of overly eager pets. We would also like to note that the device’s simple design and features are easy to get used to for first-time users.

We all want to go ahead and get interactive with our pets, but first comes the slightly hard work of putting it up on the wall. We had an easy time setting it up at our place, and we are aware that of all the things we’ve heard, this is the one thing most users could agree upon apart from the chance to interact with our pets. The other thing is that having a pet-safe device will delight owners who are worried that their pets will damage or destroy the pet camera when they are too excited to be with their best friends virtually.

Access the Petchatz Hd Through App or Web

The way to get interactive with your pets is as important as the interaction itself. Like many pet products operating on the Internet of Things, the PetChatz HD pet camera makes use of a web interface and an app, which is currently available only on iOS. Using the web interface or app, users can call their pets, talk to them, hear and see them, and dispense scents and treats as needed. Users of non-iOS devices can make use of the web interface if they do not have the app. We do hope, though, that PetChatz is working on it and the web interface is a good workaround for now.

Technology can sometimes stand in the way of interacting with our pets, and what we found easy about it is the minimalist and user-friendly way we can use the app. Owners will benefit from being able to tap on the app or click on a button and begin interactions quickly and easily. They will also benefit from having the chance to connect with their pets from anywhere with a decent internet signal, and some users report even getting good results with 3G! Most of all, having a working app and web interface gives owners peace of mind that this pet camera is helping them look out for their pets.

Scents and Treats Make Your Pets Happy, and More

The PetChatz HD pet camera relies on the principle that pets, like the rest of us, respond to incentives. It also relies on the concept that pets use all their senses to make sense of the world, not just one or two of them. Treats help nourish pets’ sense of taste and help them connect you with a palpable reward. And scents dispensed by the device help connect you and your image and voice with relaxation and calm for your furry friends. When you put it all together, the PetChatz experience is the closest thing to being there with your pets, except for touching them.

Teaching your dog or cat new behaviors may be a challenge, but this pet camera will help you get them to connect your face and the sound of your voice with things that give them pleasure. It took a while, but the sound of the ringtone and our voice made our otherwise sluggish dog rise from her nap and walk to the device, where we gave her a treat and let her smell those comforting scents. You also need not worry when these treats and scents will run low. This is because company recently launched an annual subscription service to resupply the device when needed.



Our experience with the PetChatz HD was generally positive. While we had brief periods of video lag, we otherwise enjoyed the chance to interact with our pet. We found the app and web interface easy to use, and the device’s installation was an easier process than we expected. Most of all, we liked how this pet camera engaged almost all the senses, not just one, with the monitor, speakers, treat dispenser, and scent dispenser working together to reward them for choosing to be there with us.

We recommend this pet camera for owners who enjoy being with their pets and want to catch up with them every now and then. We believe that the features, taken together, will let owners interact with their pets in a more holistic way than other devices could. Owners are able to see and hear their pets, and their pets in turn will get their senses of scent, sight, sound, and taste. The only thing missing is that robotic arm that will reach out and touch them. We hope that what we have told you will help make you better informed about buying this device for your pet, and that you will make an informed choice in the near future.

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