Petcube Camera Pet Monitor Review

We review the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor and see whether you will benefit from its advanced features.

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Ever wanted a good pet monitor that allows you to interact with your pets whenever you are away? That is what we will talk about today when we review the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor, which was a Kickstarter project some time back. The Petcube is a small cubic device that serves as a pet camera and comes with a laser toy.

This pet camera has some useful features. It has a wide angle lens that transmits high definition video, a sleek design that fits into any space, a built-in speaker system, and a laser toy that helps give pets a chance to exercise and move around. It comes with an app that lets you interact with your pets as well as other users.

We are pet owners with a number of dogs in the house. Monitoring them can be a troublesome chore especially when we aren’t home. That is why we have been trying different pet monitors. The Petcube is the one we have been using for a number of weeks now. We want to share our impressions of it after a few weeks of use.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Petcube Play 1080p Video

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  • You can get to monitor your pets remotely via the app, which is available for iOS and for Android
  • The sleek design means that it adds an elegant touch to any home or apartment, fitting into any area which needs to be monitored.
  • Its wide camera angle (138 degrees) allows users to see the widest possible range within spaces where their pets stay.


  • The lack of a night vision mode can be resolved with decent lighting of areas where pets can roam.
  • Video streaming is good enough at 1080p, and while it may not be the quality some demand, it is good for those on slower connections.

Features & Benefits

Sleek Cubic Design

The Petcube Camera Pet Monitor is a small cube that can fit into any corner within your home or apartment, or upon a table or shelf within your space. It measures 4 inches on each side, which makes it good for putting into nooks and other spaces where the pet monitor can take advantage of its wide view. Its solid aluminum construction gives the device a distinct futuristic look that blends in easily with different kinds of furniture. This pet camera comes with a nonslip bottom and optional tripod mount, which means that it would not slide off tables or other surfaces that easily.

You will be able to place this pet monitor anywhere within the house where it can get a full view of your pet’s play area. We placed ours in a shelf overlooking where our dog normally sleeps, plays, or stays around the house. It was not much of a problem. Having this dog monitor with all the other features, including all of those that we will talk about shortly, is quite a convenience. The monitor on the shelf does not get knocked down easily when dusting the space, or when the dog tries to no avail to knock it down.

Talking to Your Dog and Cat Made Easy

You may be away, but you know full well that your dogs and cats need to hear your voice. That is why, like some pet monitors, the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor includes a speaker and mike system. The system allows owners to talk through their phones’ mikes and let the app transmit their voices to the pet monitor’s speakers. Pets will be likely to perk up at the sound of their owners’ voices. They can respond too by barking, meowing, or making other such noises, and the built-in microphone can pick it up! This is a good way to monitor whether a dog or cat is behaving well

We all know how important it is for pets to feel that their owners care for them from a distance. This tool is one way of helping them stay in touch with their owners. We have seen how valuable it is for a dog or cat to hear familiar voices and how their responses reflect how they feel. They may be surprised that it came from a talking cube, or happy to hear a familiar voice. You will also feel even more peace of mind knowing that your pet remembers you, and that you could be able to hear from them.

Get the App, It Really Helps

These days, pet monitors or pet cameras require a level of interaction that is more than just having a little monitor on your phone or computer screen showing how your pet is doing. That is why the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor is linked to an app to which owners can register and link their account to their pet camera. At the moment, only one user account can be registered per camera, which even the manufacturers feel could be worked around by using multiple accounts for multiple cameras. But what you get is the chance not only to monitor your pet, but do more besides.

The Petcube Pet Owner app allows users, such as other pet owners, to play with their friends’ pets. In fact, it links users in a social network of sorts that enhances the pet owning experience. You will find it rewarding to learn who other Petcube users are and what pets they own. You will have the chance to play with them with one of the app’s best features, or even talk to them. You may find it a good way to connect with other pet camera owners and hopefully share pet experiences, and we are glad that such a feature exists.

Chasing the Laser

We had to wait until the end to tell you about our favorite feature of the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor. Right at the front, underneath the wide angle camera, there is an opening for the Petcube’s pet toy, a laser. The laser can be manipulated by the owner through the Petcube app, another reason it is a must to have. It can also be controlled by other owners whom the main owner gives access through the app. This allows different people to play with pets who are usually excited about such things. The laser is a good way to keep you connected with your pets.

There is more to that, though. Keeping your pets fit is the best gift you can give them while you’re away. You will also find some fun in seeing your pets active, using the toy in conjunction with the pet monitor’s speakers to keep them motivated. It was interesting too to see how those connected to us on the app enjoyed playing with our pets, seeing them run about to chase the laser. Of course, a word of caution is in order. Don’t point the laser directly at them, especially on their eyes. This is also the case with small children in the room.



Here’s what we really appreciated about the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor. We liked the fact that we could get a wide sweep of the room. We were happy about how we could interact with our pets through the speaker system. We especially enjoyed how good it was to learn about other owners and their pets whom we followed and who followed us through the app. Most of all, it was the physical fitness aspect of this pet camera that attracted us the most. Having a cube that could get your pets to play and move around is one advantage of this pet monitor for our pets. We were glad that we were able to try the Petcube out.

Why should you buy it? If you are a pet owner who is pretty connected to your dog, cat, or other pet, the Petcube Camera Pet Monitor is the pet camera for you. It provides a good view of the house with a high definition video stream. It offers interactivity with your pets through its speaker system and laser toy. The app adds value to this device by connecting you with other owners. We hope this review gave you the chance to weigh whether to buy the Petcube or not. We trust that you will decide on it with such information at hand.

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