Petnet Smartfeeder Review

We ask whether the Petnet SmartFeeder is truly as smart in how it feeds our pets.

First, You Need to Know This

Ever wondered why your pet seems to be sluggish most of the time? We have been wondering about that too, which is why when we learned about the Petnet SmartFeeder, we were intrigued. Here was a automated feeder that promised to feed our pets much better. Would it help us?

We wanted to look at how the SmartFeeder, as a pet feeding device, helps owners by providing convenient ways of getting pets nourished. We also wanted to check out the Petsmart app and its features. We wanted to see how the app interacts with the device, and how it improves upon the pet feeding experience.

As longtime pet owners, we have a stake in seeing that our pets are fed well. As health conscious people, we believe too that what we do to our pets reflects somehow on what we do to our bodies. This makes a device such as the SmartFeeder interesting for us.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Petnet SmartFeeder

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  • The Petnet SmartFeeder apportions food to pets properly according to your pet’s caloric needs, making pet food portion control easier.
  • You can monitor feeding activity online through the app that comes with the SmartFeeder, which is currently available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The pet feeder’s backup battery and internal memory means that feeding time happens even when the power and wi-fi are out of commission.


  • Users may have trouble setting up the app with the SmartFeeder, but patience is recommended as it does happen when setting up most devices.
  • This device will not work with larger pets, as the food capacity and serving size has its limits, but it will be most helpful for smaller pets

Features & Benefits

Design and Functionality

We wanted to talk first about the hardware behind the Petnet SmartFeeder. Its durable and sleek design means that it can complement any home or apartment’s furniture or design. The device comes with a storage unit that could accommodate between 5 to 7 lbs worth of food so that loading food is only a periodic chore. It will be hard for a dog or cat to access the top cover, or the food container, or to try sneaking an extra kibble from the pet feeder. Most of all, it has a backup battery and internal memory which frees owners from worrying how their pets will be fed when the power is out.

What we appreciated about this is that our frisky cat had some trouble trying to get food out of the pet feeder outside of feeding time. You will see how the design blends into your space, making it no different from, say, your home’s coffee machine. The fact that it accommodates a lot of dry food in its container is convenient for you if you have very little time to worry about restocking pet food in the machine (more on that later). Finally, you will find some peace of mind in knowing that feeding time will go on even when the lights or the internet goes out.

Convenience With a Tap of the App

As one of those devices that is part of the Internet of Things, the Petnet SmartFeeder’s functionality is helped along by how it can be remotely operated. This is done through an app which is currently available for both iOS and Android phones. Setting up the pet feeder is possible only with the app, which is tied to the device you purchased. By giving specific information about your pet, including their eating habits and type of food, the app will tell you how much food the device can dispense and allow you to feed your pet manually or on a schedule.

Setting up the SmartFeeder with the app was easier than we expected, considering the feedback we have read. We entered our pet’s details, including their weight and the dry food we currently fed her. We saw how the app was able to determine how much food to dispense. Owners will benefit from knowing with certainty how much food their pets will receive at feeding time. They will also have the convenience of figuring out when their pets will eat either at their discretion or at a given time. Most of all, there is the satisfaction of seeing, on the app, whether their pets have been fed.

Portion Control Made Easy

We said that setting up the app with the Petnet SmartFeeder includes a step in which owners enter information about their pet and what they eat. There are two reasons for this. The first, which we will talk about here, is that it helps with portion control and nutrition. Owners find it challenging to see how much food they should feed their pets at every meal, so having automatically measured portions of food is a good thing. It also helps that the app takes into account the nutritional content of food, so the pet feeder knows exactly how much food to dispense.

As pet owners, we know the challenge posed to pets by improper nutrition. It makes them vulnerable to illnesses of all sorts. It does not help them be the active, happy pets we all want them to be. Having pre-measured portions up to a cup and a half, determined according to our pet’s nutritional and caloric needs, will free us from the worry of whether our pets are being fed right. At the same time, it helps us become aware that it isn’t just our pets that benefit from good nutrition. This is a tool for healthy living for both humans and their pets.

Get Pet Food Delivered When You Need It

The other reason the Petnet SmartFeeder’s app is important is that it helps owners with getting new cat food shipped to their places. The app asks, at setup, approximately how much food is left in a pet food bag before it is loaded, so it begins a process of tracking the pet feeder’s food supply. When it runs low, it advises the owner and places an order for more pet food. The food is then shipped to the owner’s home or apartment address. It is a convenience for pet owners who forget, as sometimes happens, to buy their pets the food they need

We were surprised, as some owners were, to find out that the app took care of letting us know that food for our cat would be on its way when we asked for it. This advantage of the SmartFeeder assured us that we did not have to worry about going to the store and figuring out how much pet food to get. You will get just the right amount of food with your order, which you can then dispense through the pet feeder to get your pets to stay happy and healthy, either through the app or on a button on the machine.



All in all, we were impressed with the Petnet SmartFeeder. Its features, including the sleek and sturdy design and the convenience offered by its mobile app, are commendable in that it not only provides convenience for our pet, but also helped us become more aware of what we are feeding our pets and how much. With the app, we were also able to take care of the business of buying more pet food without the hassle of going to a store. All these features make us recommend it to pet owners anywhere

We feel that you will enjoy your time with the Petnet SmartFeeder as it helps you become a better pet owner. Your pets will thank you for how you feed them well, and properly. You will be grateful for the convenience it offers in terms of feeding and purchasing pet food. It is our hope that this review will help you find out the pros and cons of deciding whether to get a pet feeder of this sort. We also want to make sure that you have enough information before deciding whether to buy the SmartFeeder or any other device.

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