Petzi Treat Cam Review

We answer the question of whether the Petzi Treat Cam really helps you interact with your pets and treat them in the process.

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Pets, like human beings, respond to incentives. They know the value of being rewarded for doing what their owners want them to do. Today, we are reviewing one device that helps owners provide incentives even when their pets are far away: the Petzi Treat Cam. It was funded through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The Petzi Treat Cam promises to help you get in touch with your pets. It promises to give them treats in response to your prompts. You can call your furry friends using your phone or tablet using their app, whose functionality, the creators promise, will be the simplest one around. You will be able to see them with good quality video through an online feed.

As longtime pet owners, we value the role of conditioning and incentives in training our pets. That is why we were really interested in this pet camera. We know that you are also interested in helping them become truly loyal pets to you even when you are far away, so we decided to try this out for a couple of weeks.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Petzi Treat Cam

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  • This pet camera allows you to greet your pets using both an audio and video feed, delighting them when they need cheering up.
  • The Petzi Treat Cam has a user-friendly app with four options to keep you in touch with your pet.
  • This pet camera dispenses treats as a reward and motivation for dogs to stay in contact with you even when you are away.


  • Audio and video is one way; pets can hear you but cannot answer back and you will not be seen by your pets.
  • The Petzi Pet Cam is for short-term “catching up" with pets and therefore does have little capacity to record video

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Design and Ease of Installation

There is a lot to be said about the simple design of the Petzi Treat Cam. It is a camera attached to a container that dispenses treats for your pets. It is made of durable plastic so it will withstand months of wear and tear. Ideally, this pet camera should be mounted on a wall high enough so it could stay clear of very eager animals, but it is not a problem for most owners. Mounting it and filling up the container with treats should be an easy process if one follows the steps in the user guide. After that, you are all set to get in touch with your pets.

This design means owners will not need to worry about anything else. All they want to ask is when and how to get in touch with their pets using the pet camera’s online capabilities. From our experience, it is a more challenging question than where to put it on our wall! Also, you will find it very easy to fill up your pet camera with treats. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what treats are fine for the Petzi. When all is well, it will make that satisfying whoosh that launches the treat on its way for your furry friend’s happiness.

Four Buttons, One App

The Petzi Treat Cam, like other recent entrants in the Internet of Things, makes use of an app to operate. It is available for Android and iOS. But unlike other product-connected apps, it shows only five things: the view from your pet camera (once triggered) and four buttons. The four buttons represent the four major functions the camera has: seeing the dog, speaking to it, taking a picture with it, and feeding it. We will talk about them later in the review. All we have to say for now is that this might be the most user-friendly app we have encountered in our time with high-tech pet feeders.

We found this pet camera app’s interface very interesting, because owners are most concerned about seeing as much as they could of their pets. That was something that excited us as we called them over and, when we saw them there, we felt the time was right to launch a treat. You will be able to train your dogs and cats to do something new. You will have peace of mind that your best friends will be able to enjoy a bit of your company when you are far away. The best thing about it is you won’t have to go through a host of menus to do all these things.

See and Speak With Your Pet

Obviously the Petzi Treat Cam’s main function, apart from dispensing dog or cat treats, is to offer a video feed of your pet. The resolution is high enough so that you could see every detail of your pet’s face and body. But there is one more thing that sets this pet camera apart. You can actually talk to your pets. Click on the “speak" button on the app and it activates your device’s microphone so you could send messages to your pets, whether you are in another room or another part of the world. That function makes interaction with your pets possible.

One thing we would love to teach our pets is to let them recognize our voices even when we are not in the house. A device such as this pet camera can let you do that. In fact, putting together voice and treat is one of the oldest ways to get your furry friend to be familiar with your voice. They have a good reason to run to the speakers when they hear you. When you see your dog run to the Petzi at the first hello, you know you’ve done your job. When you see your cat come up to you when you get home and greet her, thank your Petzi for helping you out.

Take Pictures and Connect With Other Owners

We now talk about the last button on your Petzi Treat Cam’s app. The “snap" button allows you to take candid shots of your pet. There is a benefit to this function: you can securely store your pet photos in one place. The other benefit? Petzi offers a network where you can get in touch with fellow pet camera users, learn about their pets, and view their own pictures of their beloved furry friends. This community, Petzi Social, is the pet camera’s way of assuring pet owners that they are not alone in sharing the delight of seeing their pets healthy and happy.

Let’s face it: we all love taking pet photos, whether it is as often as possible or on occasion. The app allows us a way of doing it conveniently and safely, because they store our photos in one convenient place. One other advantage is that because of the pet camera’s resolution, our pet photos will definitely be the ones where we can put our furry friends’ best paws forward. Moreover, the fact that we can share our photos with other pet owners is a joy in itself. After all, we also love looking at animal photos every now and then!



What did we like about the Petzi Treat Cam? We liked how it is a simply designed device meant to do two things for us: help us interact with our pets, and reward them for giving us their attention. It is easy to install and use. The app that comes with this pet camera uses only four simple buttons that lets us worry more about when we will call our animal friends. We hope that the Petzi’s creators will let us hear our dogs and cats bark and purr in response to our calls, and we really look forward to it. For now, though, we are delighted to endorse this product to those looking for a pet camera that does what it sets out to do.

You will indeed enjoy the chance to interact with your pets using the app, the device’s speakers, and the device’s treat launcher. You will have peace of mind seeing your furry friends looking happy when you call them and you send them a treat. You will enjoy the chance to take shots of your pet and share them with eager pet owners. We hope that you will have reviewed the information we have provided so you can figure out whether to buy this or not. Helping you make an informed choice of something that will make your pets happy is our goal.

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