Beyond the Hutch: Seven Rabbit Cages for Your Bunny to Enjoy

We review the seven best rabbit cages for use both indoors and for travel, which make good and affordable substitutes for the usual indoor cages and hutches. (topic description)

Why Choose These Cage Alternatives?

Your rabbit needs the boundaries a good rabbit cage or hutch can give. But you might have limited space at home or you bring your rabbit often. Having a good, multipurpose, and affordable rabbit cage can help you save money and keep your rabbit happy. That is why we are looking into one possible alternative to keep your rabbit safe and happy: pet carriers.

We’ve had experience with dogs, cats, and pet carriers. We are lucky to have free range rabbits who know where to find the litter box and their special pet carrier rabbit cages. But when we put them in pet carriers that are small enough to fit under airline seats, we know they are safe, smug, and sound

We were surprised to find that Petsfit offered a smaller version of its Petsfit Expandable Travel Carrier for pets of up to 7 pounds. This is good news for you if you have a smaller bunny or bunnies, and you want to give the same roomy feel as the larger edition of its indoor cage alternative. Like its larger counterpart, it has extensions that zip up and close if you need extra space for the bunny or you need to carry it around. It is far more affordable than the other model, retailing at just around 40 dollars, which is within the middle range of the bags we have reviewed. This rabbit cage is slightly smaller than the Premium Pet Travel Carrier we reviewed earlier.

The roomy side pockets can store the most essential bunny accessories that you need, including extra food packets, blankets, or liners. Like its larger counterpart, it can fold flat for storage so you could stow it away when your bunny grows too big for its rabbit cage. Also, its flexible but sturdy structure keep your bunnies safe and happy whether you and your pet are at home or on the road. It has a space for storing the rods that give this structure its sturdiness, just like its much bigger counterpart. Don’t forget to buy extra liners and newspaper when using this as an indoor rabbit cage so that its material does not suffer from wear and tear. Also, make sure to give your pets some time outside this cage.

The best part about the OxGord Airline Approved Carrier as an alternative rabbit cage is that it has a bed for your bunny. Yes, a fleece bed, which promises to make it very comfortable. This indoor cage substitute is for those who want comfort for their bunnies without the risk of escape. Its small size, like most of our other favorites on this list, is good for smaller bunnies and helps keep bigger ones safe too. OxGord’s carriers are among the most affordable, retailing at around USD 24.95. They also come in a variety of colors, which is something most of the other models we’ve tested do not have. The padded shoulder strap should make carrying your bunny around the house or the park an easy effort.

OxGord advertises its Unwind and Bind feature, which allows owners to slide the bed out and access their pets with little risk of them escaping. This will let you give your bunnies much needed love and care while they are enjoying creature comforts you usually relish! The bed for this outdoor rabbit cage is washable too, so you do not have to worry about it getting too dirty. Just have at hand an extra bed from your favorite pet accessory supplier if the other one is in the wash. If you are into harder material for travel or storage, though, this may not be ideal for you. We’ve also noted that their 2015 version may, in some cases, wear out more quickly than older models and some models may have faulty zippers.

The Premium Pet Travel Carrier is the one we feel is most useful for owners who have very active rabbits. If your pets are fond of chewing through material to escape, its reinforced mesh will make the effort very difficult. It keeps your bunny safe and sound inside despite its lightweight and flexible material. Its storage pockets allow you to store things your rabbit may need, including extra liners and litter bags. However, this is the one peeve we have with it: the storage pockets may be too small if you want to store more things, which is what owners of smaller houses or flats may want to maximize. This is among the items we have in the mid-priced category, retailing at just around 35 dollars.

It is easy to switch liners in this Premium Pet Travel Carrier. Just replace one with the other and place that in the laundry. Make sure to have extra liners or newspaper just in case. However, its size may be a problem. Bigger bunnies might not fit in this alternative rabbit cage, as it accommodates pets of up to 10 pounds. Smaller ones might find this a good place to stay especially with the mesh ventilation on all sides, making them feel comfortable. Don’t forget to check with your airline if this bag can meet its standards, as we have read about feedback from people about this. Also, do check the zippers of this indoor rabbit cage, because in some rare cases, these may not work.

The Favorite Pet Carrier is an affordable alternative for your standard, sturdy cage that can be used both indoors, outdoors, or for travel. It has a two-door design for either top loading or side loading one’s pets, though we recommend using the top entry if your bunny needs to sleep. The solid plastic design is what we find different about this from the others we reviewed, offering durability without adding extra weight. It is a classic two-piece design with a handle on top and an attachment for a carrying strap. It is as close to your classic indoor or outdoor rabbit cage as you’d want it to be. Pets up to 25 pounds can fit in here, which means it can accommodate bigger rabbits with ease.

The Favorite Pet Carrier does not have its own liner, though, so be prepared to invest in one or to line it with used newspaper. You can place food and a litter container through the top hatch with ease. This is good for owners who are used to working with older indoor rabbit cages. Add straps and lock the top latches and you can take your bunny with you. Having a strap on, we’ve found, will make carrying the heaviest rabbits an easier experience more than just taking the top latch handle and. Also, a word of caution when opening the top latches of this cage. They may be tough to open and if you are not careful, the hatch could swing inward, harming your rabbit.

This is a roomy place for rabbits to roam around! The Petsfit Expandable Travel Carrier offers the largest room for any of the indoor cage alternatives we found. It has nearly two square feet of interior space, making it excellent for bunnies who want to roam around while being kept within bounds. If you have an apartment where space is a premium, larger cages may seem an awkward option. Get this one and unzip an extension if your space is flexible enough for it. This space can fit two smaller rabbits or one bigger one very comfortably, making this an excellent option if you want to have more than one rabbit on board. However, it is the priciest one we have reviewed, coming in at about 65 dollars.

You will welcome the Petsfit Expandable Travel Carrier’s washable mat. The mat will provide a clean place for your pet to sleep inside its rabbit cage every night. Make sure to buy an extra lining or mat if you’re putting the mat through the laundry, just in case. Store extra accessories in the side pockets and zip up the extensions if your rabbit is eager to escape. Its solid construction will help keep your pet safe and sound if you bring the bunny along on your travels. If you need more flexibility, the structural rods can be removed and put into slots in the carrier’s body. Its polyester lining will help keep your rabbits and their feet comfortable even when they stay there all day or night.

Imagine a cage that unfolds into a blanket for your bunny! If you are the kind that has indoor rabbit fences or cages, the Sherpa Park Tote Pet Carrier is for you. Your bunny should weigh no more than 12 pounds if you need to carry it around. It is also the cheapest ones in our selection, retailing for around 20 dollars without shipping. It works not only for smaller bunnies as a roomy rabbit cage, but also for bigger rabbits when you need to take them for trips to the vet or on short weekend excursions. Like the others we’ve reviewed, there is a side pocket for accessories that allow you to fit in extras your rabbit might need at home. This saves on storage space in smaller apartments!

Smaller rabbits will enjoy the Sherpa Park Tote’s soft, textured design with some room to move around. Its outer lining makes it hard for bunnies to escape by chewing. Its mesh sunroof makes access to your pet easy. Bigger ones will benefit too from this bag’s unzippable blanket mode. It gives them a place to sleep under when cold weather strikes. The bag’s flexible and light structure and material makes it great for carrying on shorter trips. A warning, though: the boarded, soft material may need reinforcement. It may be too flimsy if you are carrying a heavier rabbit around. This may turn out to be an awkward experience. If you’re using it as an indoor or outdoor rabbit cage, line it with newspaper or cardboard.

Are you into flying and want an airworthy rabbit cage for you and your bunny? The Sherpa Delta Deluxe Pet Carrier is a durable indoor rabbit cage, branded by one of America’s biggest carriers, Delta. We recommend these for those pet owners whose rabbits stay indoors and can roam about freely, because of its relatively small size. You should buy it if you fly often with your pet as it provides both space for your bunny and its accessories. These can include such things as an extra lining, treats, or a litter container. It also is lightweight and comes with a strap. This means you can carry it and the heaviest bunny you have without worries. At its retail price of USD 39.99, this alternative rabbit cage is in the middle of the price range we’ve reviewed.

The Sherpa Deluxe features mesh lining on the sides so that your rabbit can breathe. With a bottom lining made of faux lambskin, your rabbit’s feet would be comfortable, something you could not get with wire bottom indoor cages. Buy this one and your bunny will thank you for it. If you are concerned about bunnies chewing off the mesh lining (and they do!), the zip-up privacy panels give rabbits less opportunities for escape. We love how we can also pick up and put back the rabbit into its cage without much difficulty. But beware! The zippers might become a problem, as they are not as durable as some of the other models we’ve tried. Check the zippers and return them if they seem to be out of shape.


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